C class Merc with big miles - paul_the_gooner
Thinking about getting a Mercedes C-class estate found a 98 c200 manual for £4500 trouble is it has done 190K miles.

Does anyone have experience of running up big miles with one or should I find one with less mileage on it. I understand that it has FSH

C class Merc with big miles - Cliff Pope
I can't comment on the price, but to me a big mileage in a short time on a quality car with FSH is a definite plus point.
C class Merc with big miles - Aprilia
Not such a plus point as a low mileage in a short time on a quality car with FSH though, ;-)

Seriously, though, MB do take high mileages well, but at the end of the day they are still a piece of machinery and will wear out and go wrong.
My C-Class has 118k and still runs well. It is very carefully maintained, but parts still need replacing from time to time.

The snag is that at close to 200k you are likely to need to replace quite a few parts (eg alternator, waterpump, heater blower etc.) so you need to budget for all of that. Personally I would spend a couple of £k more and get a rather lower mileage car.
C class Merc with big miles - bartycrouch
I can only agree with Aprilia on this one At that mileage it won't be long before serious bills make it uneconomic to repair and as there are plenty about, keep looking around.
C class Merc with big miles - Greenparrot
Hi Paul

I had a 98 S manual saloon for 3 years and 80000 miles, had the gearbox replaced twice (under warranty) at 17k & 40k. Have now passed the car on to my mum as her faultless Honda was getting a bit long in the tooth. Lo & behold at 84k I can hear the warning whine of the box once more!
Apart from the box faults the car has been fine, but have you actually test driven the car? My overall impression was that it really was designed for an auto box, that footwell operated handbrake took some getting used to. In addition the power delivery made smooth round town driving an unrewarding battle between clutch & throttle.

Or maybe it was just me...
C class Merc with big miles - Cliff Pope
I meant a plus point at the appropriate price. High mileage cars are thousands of pounds cheaper than low mileage ones of the same age, and have usually led a healthier lifestyle.

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