Vauhall Omega Temerature - gspinks
Hi guys
i have a 94 2.5 6v omega and was wondering what the normal running temp should be, mine is running a bit hot....

Thanks all

Vauhall Omega Temerature - smokie
"normal running temp should be, mine is running a bit hot"...

Probably a bit cooler then yours then!

Seriosuly, my MV6 gauge always sits somewhere close to (but either side of, depending on traffic!) the centre mark.
Vauhall Omega Temerature - gspinks
Thats what I thought :S within 6 miles it was at the 100 mark and at 9 mile on the red.. and thats not sitting in traffic ....
Vauhall Omega Temerature - SpamCan61 {P}
My V6 sits about 25% of the way up the dial for most of the time; might hit 50% in the boringly regular motorway queues. If yours is hitting the red that quickly I would think thermostat jammed shut would be the first port of call.

P.S. With the amount of Omega posts at the moment maybe we can have our own forum ;-(
Vauhall Omega Temerature - Sooty Tailpipes
qspinks, maybe the radiator is nearly blocked up? The bottom 3/4 of mine was blocked, I had to have a new one, it would remain cool at the bottom, is how it was discovered!

Also, maybe your thermostat is faulty, or the waterpump impeller has come off or broken up (plastic0
Vauhall Omega Temerature - zedzedeleven
My `96 2.5 usually runs at 95, however the needle has "wandered" all the way up to the top and gone way past the red band. This is an instrument fault though because if it was a true reading i think steam would be very much evident-there isn`t any though. A tap on the panel cover seems to reset the needle back to 95. Another tap will set it off wandering again. I`m a bit reluctant to investigate this problem as it seems to be the gauge rather than the sender and will not be easy to get at.


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