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Grey Imports. - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I'd like to pose a serious question regarding Grey Imports. I have heard lots of anecdotal revelations such as a lot of the sports cars have been used for street racing, Petrol in Japan is 100 octane, Jap cars aren't rustproofed etc etc. From experience I have found that some of the exotica have indeed been extensively modified in the engine dept and fault finding can be a little tricky sometimes but what really is the score? Are these cars every bit as good as the "genuine" article??
Re: Grey Imports. - Andy Bairsto
The first problem is that after this year it will be virtually impossible to do a private import from Japan as the work required would be cost restrictive .If you look in the world at other countries that have RHD they are nearly all places where winter salt is unheard of.Car manufacturers still have to make a buck so they do not give the same underbody treatment but give a special anti sun laquer coat .Its horses for courses I personnally thing there are enough places in Europe ton source cars if you a willing drive a LHD.If you can pick up a very cheap grey import way up the fors and agiansts ,buyers choice .Do not forget Jap cars on the whole are thrown away at 4 years old ,thats why you see all these adverts for Jap car engines and gearboxes in the Exchange and Mart
Re: Grey Imports. - T lucas
From my experiences with the jap imports they are not to difficult to service, repair,diagnose,or obtain parts for,[mostly from UK franchised dealers] The 100 octane does not matter because the cars ECU can deal with that.If you earn your living repairing cars you soon find out that its the French,Italian,GM,and Rover product that gives you grief.The only import car that was a problem to us was a Mazda RX7 that had been modified and would not run very nicely,but a trip to Rotechnics in Reading soon sorted that.Look at todays report about car reliability,buy a far east brand, wherever it may be built.
Re: Grey Imports. - Andy Bairsto
The point is a Jap car for their home market will not comply with the uk regs and toget it accepted will now cost a fortune as one off acceptances are no longer allowed .HJ is expert on this subject.I have just enquired about bringing into europe the new chevy trailblazer direct, will cost me 20000dm more than the price in germany due to fact there is so much to change.Check it out it is not easy anymore.Most jap cars i drove in japan were ok on 90 cooking gas
Re: Grey Imports. - Sandy
I guess the real purpose of these new regulations is to stop the less rich from getting something that will go a bit - another nail in the coffin of motoring - but just out of curiosity, what is the excuse?

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