escort 1.8td starting problems - elrikos
i know similar threads have been put up before but the threads were so long and confused i struggled to get any info out of them. my escort 1.8td doesnt like starting in the mornings. i replaced the glow plugs last week and the battery is fairly new (6 months iirc). the engine trns over nice and fast and fires occasionaly but not enough to keep itself going. after a while (10-15 secs) it does start and performs perfectly all day. does anyone have any suggestions of things to try??
many thanks
escort 1.8td starting problems - Dynamic Dave
From previous posts on non starting diesels in general, sounds like you've got an air leak in the fuel system somewhere.
escort 1.8td starting problems - JamZ
I had an identical problem with my diesel polo and this turned out to be the fuel filter being blocked. Apparently, a bad batch of fuel can often cause this. On the plus side, it should be cheap to replace if that is the cause.

Hope that helps,

escort 1.8td starting problems - DL
Replace the fuel filter and ensure all connections are clean and tight.
ford escort td not starting well (again! - elrikos
i know this question has come up loads before but having noticed a few new symptoms i thought i would present them to you guys again.
the car is a 1.8td (l reg)and has done 118k miles.when left for a few hours (i.e. overnight or while at work) the engine turns over for 3-4 seconds before firing. when it does start you get a cloud of white smoke out the back (not huge amounts, but enough to notice wafting past the window!). a mechanic friend of mine suggested that fords don't heat the plugs for long enough (seems about 5 seconds of the light on)and suggested that i heat them twice before starting. cant say this has made a big difference to how quick it starts.
the plugs were changed for decent (bosch) ones about 500 miles ago. i know people have suggested that the filter may need changing but i thought the white smoke may indicate a lack of heat in the engine rather than a lack of fuel (pelase correct me if i'm wrong)?.

if it is down to underheating plugs is there any way of manually switching on the plugs for closer to 10-15 seconds to make them nice and hot? (i'm pretty handy with a soldering iron and a wiring diagram, just need to know if it's safe for the engine/plugs and me!)

thanks for all the help guys
p.s. forgot to mention it starts on first compression stroke when warm
ford escort td not starting well (again! - colin macdonald
When you turn on the key to the point where you see the heater plug warning light ,let the light go out but continue to listen carefully and after approx another 10 secs you will hear the relay that controls the power to the plugs cut out ,try it then and you should find a normal start takes place.
ford escort td not starting well (again! - colin macdonald
had a look at your previous thread,it sounds very likley that you have a stretched diaghram in yourfilter head
Q.does your fuel filter head have a big black button on it,..............if it does you need to depress it 1st thing in the morning ,if its soft pump it till it goes solid ,try and start the car,if it works then you neeed a new filter head,
ford escort td not starting well (again! - elrikos
thanks for all the help guys. will try it tomorrow morning. when i left work today i found that leaving the car for a bit afterthe light went out helped so maybe that is the problem. i'll give you an update tom,orrow.
thanx again for the help
ford escort td not starting well (again! - colin macdonald
hey dont be so quick to leave us need heater plugs ,when you leave it a little longer you actually continue heating after the light goes out ,to check them take the cable that links them all together of and hold a piece of wire on your positive terminal of your battery ,brush the other side of the wire across the heater plug just where the nut goes on to tretain the wire ,if you see very small sparks then that one is not the fault,you will come across a dead one it wont spark.....change this plug.
ford escort td not starting well (again! - elrikos
all 4 of the plugs were changed no more than 500 miles ago so i'm hoping its nothing to do with that (i checked the plugs as i put them in using bits of wire and a car battery and they glowed nicely). tried the primer pump this morning. it took 2 pumps to get it hard. the car didn't start quicker than normal though. does anyone have any other ideas?
thanks guys
ford escort td not starting well (again! - colin macdonald
the cable that feeds the glow plugs can be checked by disconnecting it from all 4 plugs but leave it connected to its live feed connect a test light to it and earth the test light ,turn on ignition and see if it lights up ,sorry if youknow how to do this already ,not every one does
ford escort - jellybaby
I have a problem with my 93 diesel estate, it really struggles to start when cold. Yesterday it started (after about 1/2 trying), ran for about 10 secs, then died. Usually once i get it warm its fine, will start as soon as i turn the key. But now it wont start at all.

Reading through the various posts, i tried the primer - which never seems to get solid. Just tried it now, and i could press it all day without any difference.

Now this is my first diesel car and have no idea what i'm doing really, so could any one explain (in simple terms :) ) what the problem could be with my primer?

ford escort - AndyT
There is a flexible rubber type of diaphram which forms part of the internals of the primer, which in your case seems to have punctured (not unusal). This lets air into the fuel feed pipe having the effect of letting the fuel drain back to the tank.
When it's really bad, the injector pump is sucking more air than fuel. A new primer/filter is required.


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