Wacky Customised vehicles - Hugo {P}
This post from Vansboy got me thinking:

"You'll find it difficult to beat my Maestro van.It does have the Montego style seats, with added side support.

& for added refinement, I've fitted the wood veneer door trims ex Meastro Vanden plas. Oh yes, plus the tinted door glass. & a gradient tint screen. & the carpets from MG Meastro, in bright red. &...

Sorry about this guys, but I'm quite serious, too!!

Should we start another thread about what alterations you've carried out on your vehicle!!


VB - you surely forgot the fake leopard skin interior and 70s afro style hair to go with it :-)

What have you all done to your vehicles to make them original?

I covered the back and rear wings of a Mini 850 with sailboarding stickers.

I wrote XR3i and my initials on a tatty Mk 2 escort, with humbrol model paint.

erm that's it. I had a very sheltered life, I never really had the chance, always alone in the playground 'sniff sniff'.

Cme on own up, what wacky modifications have you done?

Wacky Customised vehicles - sheerd
On my first car (mini metro 1L bought for £200) I fitted an exhaust tailpipe that was blue anodised metal with a plate that cused a reverb (which was supposed to make it sound sportier!lol) I fiited a tail gate spoiler which fell off on the motorway, and to make things worse 3 SPOKE ALLOYS!!!!! lol.
Wacky Customised vehicles - Vansboy
Funny you should mention seat covers, 'cos on Mrs Vansboys new Mx5,well 6 months old now, The 'Special Edition' Montana,...

The car has lots goodies anyway, chrome interior detailing, Nardi wood steering wheel & trim, air, hardtop, extra speakers, alloys, but she had to have:-
front mesh grille
solid wheel arch mudflaps, front & rear,
wind blocker
silver style bars
stand & cover, for hard top
& to hide those cream, dead animal seats,leopard print material was chosen!!

Looks good with the top down, contrasting with the Garnet redpearlescent paint!


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