Motorbikes and parking tickets - Thommo
You may recall previous threads about motorcycles and scooters in London parking on the pavement and covering their numberplates so a ticket can not be issued.

It appears the latest round in this war is that the ticket is being issued on the VIN number.

So presumably that will have to covered as well now...
Motorbikes and parking tickets - LongDriver {P}
Motorcyclists usually far worse than car drivers for parking IMHO.

...and ignoring road signs

...and driving without due care

...and speeding

Motorbikes and parking tickets - flatfour
ooops I once said similar, shot down in flames...
Motorbikes and parking tickets - LongDriver {P}
I wait with baited keyboard....

Maybe I'll even get a reply from the careful biker who rides down Eastern way in Carlisle at probably 100mph+ in a 30mph zone at 430am every morning....perhaps he is chasing the person who stole his exhaust baffles....
Motorbikes and parking tickets - volvoman
Not wishing to sidetrack this thread but I think that it's people who decide to speed, park dangerously, ignore road signs etc. Many motorcyclists are drivers too and their mindset is the same - they do what they perceive they can get away with at the time. It's far easier to undertake and get away with bad behaviour on a bike than in a car. For every speeding, tailgating and undertaking motorcyclist see a car driver who'd be doing just the same if he had the space and performance to do it. As for red ligts, I agree tha cyclists often igore the but many drivers do too. Just have a look in your rear view mirror next time you go though just as the lights change to red and see how many drivers follow you.
Motorbikes and parking tickets - J Bonington Jagworth
Are VIN numbers that visible? Most are on the frame somewhere and a lot of bikes have bodywork. Where do they stick the notice, if there isn't a windscreen?
Motorbikes and parking tickets - J Bonington Jagworth
"Most are on the frame somewhere"

As they have to be, of course. Duh!
Motorbikes and parking tickets - MickyFinn
Why can't I cover my car numberplate up and park it on the pavement? i.e. Why does this just work for bikes?


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