Landcrabs. - Ashley
Hi all,

If anyone has information, spares, piccies or literature on a landcrabbing theme then please let me know. I can send them to the secretary of the club to possibly include them in the landcrab newsletter.

Alternatively check out the site and think back to when they broke down or saved the day.


Re: Landcrabs. - chris watson
my grandad had an austin 1800, it went up in flames, due to a bad electical problem.
Re: Landcrabs. - richard turpin
Your Grandad? Wait a bit. i had a 2200 Landcrab and I'm only 50 now. You have jumped a a whole generation. Mine did 150,000 miles with no major repair and then fell ino bits due to rust. It was an ex govt car and therefore had a fire extingisher fitted as an optional extra.
Re: Landcrabs. - chris watson
he was quite an age when he got it.
Re: Landcrabs. - David Woollard

I remember a salesman Uncle having a new Austin 1800 in 1970 (ish). At the time we (parents) were in the middle of a series of Triumph 2000s. I was taken for a very brisk twisting main road ride in the landcrab (80/90mph) one day and remember two things.

I was concerned to find (because I was a typical kid then, all opinion and no experience...I thought no-one had a car as good as our Triumph!) the performance/ride/refinement was not that far from the Triumph. Also it had the most impressive roll free cornering ability.

Had a look round the website. Nice and practical with sensible image file sizes hence decent loading times. Quite a few long term cars going free as well. I like that as it gives a young enthusiast the chance to get one and work on it.

The classic cars that fetch £1000 in rough order are hard for youngsters to get a start on if they are ever to afford repairs.

Always admired the Wolsey 18/85. One of our teachers had one and we used to look round it at lunchtime. And it never got the potato!

landcrab auction. 36000 miler. - chris watson
if you go into yahoo auctions, click on travel, then click on cars, then go into the catagory named 'other', you can find a light blue 1800 in mint condition, with 36000 miles, i think the current bid is about £800.

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