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E Type Jaguar - Paul Whitehead
Is the E Type the 'best' car ever made.

If not then what is?

The 5.3 V12 is clearly the best E-Type, why then do S1 3.8s sell for more?
Re: E Type Jaguar - Marc
By no means an expert on E Types at all I would say it was because the 5.3 V12 was a series III which some people would say (along with the II) had lost the clarity (and beauty) of the original Series I design eg the enclosed headlamps
Re: E Type Jaguar - yddap
E Type the best car.-- no way but best value for your hard earned, quite possibly
Re: E Type Jaguar - Andy Bairsto
I was in Monte Carlo as part of my last holiday sitting in a pavemen tcafe by the marina I saw a parked v12 E type convertable it looked new in shining BRG.Everybody who walked passed was looking and admiring it and totalally ignoring the ferraris rollers etc.I heard one women say "is that the new Jaguar it will certainly sell".Oh what a rich heritage we had in the motoring world and lost.
No, the XK120 is. - Dave
I like the XK120...

But I've never driven either.
Re: E Type Jaguar - David Woollard
Tried to find this on search but couldn't, sure I've told this a few months ago.

Anyway Dad was looking at buying a new Triumph 2.5PI Estate around 1972. I guess it was something over £2000.

In the showroom was a brand new V12 E-Type 2+2. The salesman half-heartedly offered it to us for the same money. As a kid then I was gutted at this possibility being fleetingly offered, and dismissed in as many seconds.

We were in that early 70s fuel supply/price crisis and you couldn't give a large engined car away. I remember the salesman's comments..."we'll still have that lump standing there in years to come, no-one is ever going to buy a car like that again". I hope he's still about to marvel at the huge variety of monster machines available now.

Biggest thing that spoilt the car, it wasn't red or BRG. Dad did have a mate with a similar V12 a little later, I think they were changing hands a few years old for £1200 or so!

Like so many things, if I knew then what I know now...............

Re: E Type Jaguar - chris watson
what i saw in the 1960's - 1970's, not with cars, but with antiques, people used to burn stuff that now would go for 50000 - 100000 pounds.
Re: E Type Jaguar - Michael
my neighbour has recently restored an e-type. Cost him a total of £30,000. Looks great but is probably worth half to two thirds of that if he wants to sell it. At the time he started the restoration (several years ago) he was expecting it to fetch £40-£50,000 but the market changed. Don't know why, maybe there are more around nowadays. Its now his sunday runaround...assuming its not raining.
Re: E Type Jaguar - andy sampson
Ahhh but what's going to be the future 'e type', what car should I be buying and putting in storage now!!, if only i knew?
Re: E Type Jaguar - Dave
andy sampson wrote:
> Ahhh but what's going to be the future 'e type', what car
> should I be buying and putting in storage now!!, if only i
> knew?

Silver Shadows.
Re: E Type Jaguar - Michael Thomas
The best E-type would be a MKII 2+2, it kept the design of the MKI but they got the glitches out and the engine is the sweetest 4.2 unit you'll see. The value of E-types collapsed after the late 80's classics boom. Yuppie types were buying them as investments offering better returns than property and stock.

The MkIII was a bloater and fell foul of new US emissions laws and also the fuel crisis.

MKI 3.8 sell for more purely down to the fact very few were made.

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