Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - Alastair
I just bought a '94 Range Rover from a Land Rover Main Dealer described as having full service history and new MOT but accepted no LR warranty as over their time period. Documentation would follow!! It turns out from my investigations, the documents have not yet arrived - surprisingly, that it has a pathetic service history (not even the most recent major one) and the MOT has 2 months to go.

So beware, salesmen in shiny suits work for main dealers as well.
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - Andy Bairsto
Old addage never believe any one when its do with selling cars ,seeing is believing nothing till you see it.You should see the manager tell him what tranpired and get him to give the car a thorough service without cost or you will go to the local wrag and print his name on this webb site.
Good look Andy Bairsto
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - RichardM
Very similar thing happened to me last year at a large dealership in Chesterfield which has several different franchises. Trading Standards wouldn't help. The manager was a joke and when I threatened taking it to court told me "Richard, you can do what you like."

Just live and learn - I would certainly never use a main dealer again for anything now and strongly advise friends to avoid them.
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - John Davis
Another example of a shady dealer,dragging down the name of the Motor Trade by these devious practices. I should think that, under the "Sale of Goods Act" there are grounds for you to return the vehicle. The contract which you and the dealership agreed to (Yes, it is a contract) was based, on your side, on the expectation of regular serviceing and a full MOT. Presumably you have paid your money over but, you have not received the goods "as described in the contract". I would not let this rest
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - David Woollard
Main dealers don't seem to know the meaning of a cheap car, must be all the £45K deals on new Range Rovers convincing them a cardboard box must be cheap if it was only £5000.

Not too long ago I was asked to look at a 1986 Volvo 240 Estate with starting problems.

"We've only had it a week since we bought it" the owners said, "from the Volvo dealers". "Well that's where you want to ring" I explained, "at least a weeks warranty would be fair request".

"Actually no" they said, "we had to sign away the right to any warranty as it was a trade sale". "How much?" I had to ask. "Only £2000" was the gobsmacking reply. At the time top dealer retail was about £1750 and a private deal should have been about £800.

Talk about being stitched. All I could advise them to do was to wade in and present the facts that the price paid represented top retail + and that a warranty was quite reasonable under the Sale of Goods act. They did get the car collected on a transporter and repaired FOC, some small victory I suppose.

Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - chris watson
this problem has happened to me, so what i did was ring the guy and ask him about the car, little did he know that i was recording the conversation, after listening to what i had recorded, he gave me an extra 2 years warranty, and four free services. the conversation was him telling me that he didnt care if i complained, because as he said "the government and the manufacturer dont really care about the punter"
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - Phil Goodacre
Alastair, you must reject the car in writing on the grounds that the dealership have broken the contract. Did you take any finance to pay for the car? If so, you should copy the letter to them as well and wait for the fireworks, because if the dealer does not sort it out to your satisfaction then they will be faced with refunding the cost of the car (in full) and reclaiming it from the dealer.
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - fred smith
if you have proof, eg a witness to the conversation

you could simply issue a small claims summons for the difference in value between a similar car with full service history and your car with a partial/or no history

difference in value could be demonstrated in court by use of some of the trade value books used by our friends in the trade...

beauty here is i) you keep car while giving dealer hassle ii) summons will be cheaper to issue cos based on percentage of sum disputed iii) it will cost him a lot to defend it compared to paying up

stick it out 99 % chance they'll pay up without going to court, and apart from the cash to issue the summons you are not putting any money at risk...
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - zak mattin
Sorry, you have not got a leg to stand on here. If you agreed to a trade sale, you have signed a contract agreeing to buy the car without a warranty. The sale of goods act states that a certain period of warranty must be given by the vendor (28 days I think) - UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

When a motor trader/dealer buys a car off another motor trader, the deal is always sold as seen; always has been and always will be. If, as I suspect, you are not a trader the same ruling applies (I have seen high street stores selling ex display furniture suites 'as seen').

I was involved in a similar matter last year, my solicitor informed me that, if a contract has been signed on the basis of 'sold as seen', the contract overides the sale of goods act.
Re: Main Dealer = Main Stealer?! - David Burton
I heard of a similar case in which the main dealer concerned refunded the money and took the car back to avoid any dispute. The buyer had previously bought from them so this may have helped their kindly attitude I suppose.

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