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I have tried numerous sites, I want the reg from my first car, now wrote off, but can\'t seem to get it, why don\'t they re-issue numbers after a while. The number I want was on a 56 Austin Cambridge LML 303.
Private Plates - frostbite
Perhaps they did reissue it and someone else now has it?
Private Plates - martint123
Not according to the first (free) stage of the AA hpi check

You've entered the following details:
Registration LML303
The following error occurred in retrieving the vehicle details:


Try phoning the dvla rgistration dept and asking why not??

Private Plates - vwclipper88
the registration plate gets scrapped along with the vehicle unless a retention fee has been paid to keep it????????
Private Plates - DavidHM
DVLA records went (fully?) computerised in 1969 I believe.

If the car was scrapped before then, registration and all, it's highly unlikely that there'd be any record.

Otherwise the registations scrapped cars stay on the AA's database for the simple reason that if they didn't, no one would ever know that the car they'd been thinking of buying had been scrapped - which would be a fairly useful function of the database.
Private Plates - nicksaab

Their was it issued service says LML303 was first registered in 1942 from Middlesex DVLA office.

They have a service where they can find the plate for you.
Often with these sorts of plates (where the donor vehicle was scrapped) the number is still waiting to be reissued. However as it is a dateless plate it will no doubt turn up at one of the DVLA Sale Of Marques auctions in the future. will inform you if this happens if you register with them.

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