Road Widening - pdc {P}
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that john prescott is going on about spending £billions of our money on road widening, why? he should just put the responsibility onto the motor car makers, rather than the poor taxpayers. He should force them to make NARROWER cars, then there wouldnt be perpetual roadworks on our busiest motorways, and we could then probably afford to increase the speed limit, because if cars were narrower, there would be less chance of a collision.
Road Widening - SprinterJK
Surely one of the main objectives of road widening is to add lanes and thus increase the volume of traffic a road can handle, rather than keep the same number of lanes but make them wider. If roads were redesigned using the same amount of road space but with narrower and more lanes, HGVs and such would not be able to use them. Also, I would have thought narrower cars would cause more accidents due to instability caused by a narrower wheelbase.

Just some thoughts

Road Widening - pdc {P}
Am I missing a very dry sense of humour here Jon, or did the viz style top tip go completely over your head?
Road Widening - Phil I
I and No Dosh will vote for narrower cars. Less chance of us getting knocked off our bicycles.
Road Widening - Andrew-T
Assuming that this is a semi-serious question, how do we stop makers adding 2 inches width to every new model that comes on the road (which means every 5-6 years)? I just hope there aren't too many trendy idiots out there with cheque books ready to buy a Hummer.
Road Widening - PhilW
You are obviously new labour and nothing like radical enough. Why not ban all motor vehicles and make everyone ride a bike, paint a few white lines and we then have 20 lane highways. Plus speed would be lower, many fewer accidents and less serious (mainly grazed knees with the the occasional broken collar bone) which would save the NHS a fortune, no speed cops, all could go back on the beat, no joy -riders etc. Course, you would lose a lot of tax revenue but that's solved easily - tax the bakes (£150 a year) and increase the tax base by fitting everyone with an air meter and tax the air we breathe.
Simple - and a real vote winner.
And as a real benefit - no more arguments about the advantages/disadvantages of 4*4s or the ultimate driving machine and we'd all be able to appreciate the advantages of rear wheel drive.
Hey, this looks better and better the more I think of it!
Road Widening - Martin Devon
Mr., or was it Dr. Beeching should be resurected, (wrong spelling i\'m sure, of resurected that is!), then hung, drawn and quartered. He messed it up for all. Road widening will be the most wasteful of ANY Government activity EVER. WRITE THIS DOWN AND TELL ME I AM WRONG IN TEN YEARS TIME. You know it makes sense.

Road Widening - pdc {P}
"Obviously new labour". I think not. There has never been an ounce of red within me.

As I said at the start of my original post, "as seen on the internet". This is a comment that someone made to a story at !!! It is not my opinion. It just amused me.
Road Widening - pdc {P}
Oops, PhilW, I just realised that your post too was not serious. humour sensors not working so early in the day.
Road Widening - No Do$h
I and No Dosh will vote for narrower cars. Less chance
of us getting knocked off our bicycles.

With the weight I've put on lately, it will need to be wider bicycles and VERY narrow cars.

As soon as my thumb recovers from the brief encounter with a log-splitter I will have to dust down the treader and head for the hills, or I might get mistaken for one (hill, that is).
Road Widening - Phil I
"with the weight I've put on lately."

Easier on than off unfortunately. Well worth the effort tho.

Congrats on the promotion.
Phil I

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