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Golf VR6 cold start problem HELP!! - Cam
Hi I have recently bought a 1995 Golf III VR6 highline, I am very happy with it except its little starting problem.

The car starts first time every time on a cold start, but if you were to take the revs to about 4rpm the engine dies. If you re-start the engine it will then only fire on a few cylinders, the car shakes and complains! This happens when the car is driven or just idle. If you continue to drive car it disappears after about 3 mins and problem only reoccurs after the car has sat for about 4 hours. I can replicate this problem every time!

I have had VW and other specialists run diag but cannot find a problem. I have replaced fuel filter HT leads and spark plugs. I am not quiet sure what else to check as I do not want to pay VW £70 an hour to test all the electrics!

Can anyone give me some pointers??
Golf VR6 cold start problem HELP!! - Roger Jones
I'm a one-trick pony on problems like this, but before you try anything more expensive, spend a few quid on a bottle of VW's own fuel additive (part number G 001 700 03) and see if that helps you as much as it has me in the past. I run a VR6 Highline and have never suffered from the problem you describe.

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