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My Toyota Supra (3.0i auto) recently died and being temporarily short of funds I picked up a Nissan Silvia (1.8 turbo auto) to tide me over.

Lovely car as it happens and two members of my family have already demanded first refusal when I come to sell it but when I swopped over the insurance they told me that the Nissan was Group 30! I didn't even know group 30 existed! The Supra was Group 16. Anyway the cost to transfer was not excessive and the alternative was canceling the policy and taking out a new one (very expensive) so the deed was done.

Today I had some spare time so I looked up the insurance groups and Esure rates both cars the same (16). So why does my insurer (Admiral) rate them differently? Do all insurers have standard ratings or do they create their own? If so why are Esure and Admiral so wildly different? Is it because Admiral have insured a bunch of nutters who owned these cars and Esure have insured a bunch of angels who owned these cars?

Curious. If anyone knows I would be grateful.

For me I expect that come renewal time I won't be renewing with Admiral (if I still own the car), OR (I suspect) that when I tell them that someone else quotes a much lower price the rating/premium will suddenly drop.

As a final note, I always insured with Admiral because their prices for a Supra where generally half of everyone elses. Curiouser still.
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It seems Admiral have a different system. I believe most companys have group 20 as the highest.
I wouldnt rule out Admiral though, get a quote anyway, the grouping isnt the be all and end all!
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There does not seem to be a received insurance group listing. Different companies use different systems.
Remember, if you pay cheap that is what you will get. The testing time is when you come to claim.
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Thanks DVD appreciate that.

Just proves that Admiral don't like these cars. Curious.


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