Vectra air con does nothing at all - Pete R
I have a 1997 2.0 ls vectra that has had every classic vectra problem.

At the moment my problem is that the aircon does nothing at all, no clicks, no wheezes, no whuuupms, no sign of life. Any ideas?

I am about to head under the bonnet and clean the IAC valve out so that I don't have to re-start the engine 40 times a day !!! and I may aswell have a look at the aircon aswell.

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

P.s. My vectra has gone through more sensors than the British film board :)
Vectra air con does nothing at all - Garethj
First place to check is the fuse, I think it's in a seperate fuseholder but close to the others? The driver's manual should say for sure.

On our car it turned out that the compressor had siezed, but I don't want to worry you!

Vectra air con does nothing at all - Dynamic Dave
From experience of mine just failing, I would guess the system has lost it\'s gas. Once the pressure drops below a certain limit, the system will shut down.
Hopefully our resident air-con expert Dave N will be along shortly; but in the meantime when, if ever, has the system been serviced or topped up with gas?
Has the system previously been used regularly, ie, at least once every couple of weeks regardless of whether its summer or winter?

There\'s some info on Vectra air con within this thread that might explain things:-

Particularly this part of the thread:-
Vectra air con does nothing at all - CarlW

Why do you have to restart 40 times a day, and what is the IAC valve you mentioned?
Vectra air con does nothing at all - SpamCan61 {P}
I think IAC is idle air control : also known as ISCV , idle speed control valve. Either way it's a classic ecotec engine problem : engine can't idle properly & stalls. The uncharitable amongst us think 'ecotec' stands for Engine Cuts Out Totally Every Corner ;-). Gory details over on the 'topbuzz' web site
Vectra air con does nothing at all - Pete R
The idle valve (IAC) is a very irritating device, when it is gummed up it causes the older vectras to stall at every junction or when you happen to depress the clutch. Removal and cleaning of it and the breather pipes has just solved my idling problem. Phew. There is a fantastic guide on how to do it if you ever need to here

Full of good pictures and short sharp descriptions, perfect.
Vectra air con does nothing at all - Dynamic Dave
Pete R,

Great site, added to my bookmarks.
Vectra air con does nothing at all - Pete R
Thanks for that. I was unsure if gas problems would stop the relay from switching until I checked the Haynes manual (modern ones should be renamed to girls wheelchanging suide), sure enough, the low pressure cut off switch is in the power feed to the relay. Hence no switching if the gas is low.

I am going to get it topped up ASAP. Thanks
Vectra air con does nothing at all - elekie&a/c doctor
a very common problem on Vectras ,A/c gas leaks out &system shuts down due low pressure .Most common areas for leaks are ; twin pipe that comes off compressor,(rubs thro on subframe),compressor itself leaks thro front shaft seal,and also aluminium pipes rub thro on air filter housing clips (by o/s/f light)
Vectra air con does nothing at all - Dynamic Dave
Apparantely there's a Vauxhall Technical Service bulletin issued informing dealers of the air con problem with Vectras - mainly the 2.2 litre petrol engined models. There haven't been enough cars failing to warrant a recall, but the dealer should inspect the pipes, and fit a supporting bracket, if not already fitted. I was told by my local dealer that Vauxhall will replace broken pipes for free on cars up to 5yrs old, or 60,000 miles - whichever comes sooner - should the air con fail. That is providing of course you've had the car serviced by Vauxhall in all that time.

I don't suppose anyone has a copy of this Tech Bulletin by chance?
Vectra air con does nothing at all - elekie&a/c doctor
I don,t have a copy of the tech bulletin ,but I have seen the mod on a car .It ONLY affects 2.2 litre models & consists of an L shaped bracket & clamp that supports the a/c pipe as it routes down back of engine.Without the bracket ,the aluminium pipe snaps under stress from engine movement.


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