What sub 3k runaround would you buy? - Colin M
I'm waiting for delivery of a new car at the moment and looking to spend £3k on something that I can easily sell on again in January without too much hassle.

No plans for high mileage but wondered what you would choose? Ease of basic maintenance would be useful, so nothing too electronic. What suggestions does the group have for me to consider?

John mentioned the ex fleet Mondeo's at BCA. Still worth a look?


Re: What sub 3k runaround would you buy? - Phil Goodacre
Peugeot 306, preferably a turbo diesel, or Golf of any ilk. Both will sell readily for about whatever you pay for them.
Re: What sub 3k runaround would you buy? - Andy Bairsto
Good advice from phil,what I will say the simpler the better ,the best escort you can afford will always give cheap reliable motoring and Ford parts are everywhere at a reasonable price.
Re: What sub 3k runaround would you buy? - Colin M
Thanks, the Golf was high on my list, for although they command a premium, I guessed resale would be easier. I'm not interested in a GTI but there seem to be more of those around.
Re: What sub 3k runaround would you buy? - Dave M
i would always go for a golf they are completely bullet proof i ran them for years and no matter how hard i tried they refused to go bang with absolutely no maintenance
Re: What sub 3k runaround would you buy? - John Slaughter

Depends how big you want, but Corsas never seem to linger in the classifieds, and the older single cam engines are pretty reliable without much in the way of electronics.

Cheap insurance, parts and servicing, so certainly ideal runabouts.


VW Golf - David Lacey
Best bet would be the Golf. A MK2 variant would be the one to go for - a friend sold his J plate GTI with 120K on it for £2800 last week - it drove well and still felt tight.
You will have little trouble with the Golf and you should be able to sell it quickly if it is reasonably priced and clean.

Re: sub £3k - Paul Whitehead

Volvo 940 with irish reg {£99}, still made until 1997,

Still look like new at 8 year old, go fast, don't go wrong, saloons very cheap, but estates best re-sale.

Paul {940 owner}
Re: sub £3k - honest john
Mondeos are dirt cheap and brillaint bargains, but they aren't cars to buy to sell on for what you paid in four months time.

Re: sub £3k - Colin M
Thanks for the advice folks. Found a tidy 93K 1.8CL Golf with 98k and history for 2.4k. Cheers.


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