Costco? - drbe
Various BR'ers have mentioned Costco. Are they worth the trouble? My nearest one seems to be in Watford, I live in Esher (Surrey) I have looked at their website, but it seems to be for trade only.

Is it very difficult for a layman (no - wrong word) someone not in trade to join and are the discounts worth all the trouble?

Quins had a good win yesterday!
Regards to all

Don drbe
Costco? - Jonathan {p}
You can get membership if you are in certain trades (police, government officer etc), you need 2 forms of id.

Prices are good, but not fantastic. They are generally as cheap as the likes of discount supermarkets and are good for buying in bulk (like tea bags, coffee, toilet roll and meat).

We have joint membership which costs £25 a year, I think we just about get this money back (mainly in nappies).

They also do cheap tyres, but I'm not sure how much they are.


Costco? - Gazza
I believe you will have to go to Costco, have a look around for what they sell and their prices and decide for yourself. You do not need a membership to walk around, just explain to them that you are thinking of joining and they will give you a day pass.

You do not need to be in the trade. You have to be in one of the occupations listed to join as an individual member. (Bank/Finance/Civil Servant/Medical/Police/etc.) The website is and you can ring up and ask if you qualify for individual membership.

I find their prices are generally 25%-30% off high-street prices. I spent about 750 pounds last year including a set of Michelin Pilots for about 260 pounds. That's a generally savings of ~250 pounds last year, which recovers the individual membership fee of 25 pounds and give ~225 pounds savings.

There are 3 Costco in/around London.
1. Watford as you mention
2. Chingford, off North Circular between A10 and M11
3. Lakeside, next to Lakeside shopping centre and Ikea off A13

I live in central London and Lakeside is the most convenient for me. I believe Lakeside is the closest for you as well.
Costco? - memyself-aye
TYRES -Costco sell mainly Michelin Energies - around £35 plus vat for 175 x 14 - first car Iv'e ever matched new tyres with the originals.
Costacos other prices are on par with grocery wholesalers like Bookers.
Costco? - Dave E
We usually go once or twice a month and they always seem to have the odd bargain in. It depends what you want it for, we have saved a considerable amount on certain items over High Street prices. It is not always necessarily the cheapest or cheaper but what you will tend to find is that what you do buy, is far better quality than the High Street. The aforementioned tyres are always available and at the Trafford branch we use, the tyre bay guys are very helpful.
Costco? - NARU
From Esher, you've also got the option of Reading - its right next to the Majedski stadium at J11 of the M4.

As someone said, the best thing is to go and have a look around and decide for yourself. If you take some ID (check the website) you can join on the spot. They do the photograph so you don't need to take one.

They don't take credit cards, and the first time you buy they only take cash. After that you can pay by debit card.
Costco? - volvoman
In reality it\'s not as difficult to join as you might think. Some prices are not that brilliant but many are exceptional, especially on electrical stuff, household goods etc. Also, don\'t forget their customer care which in my experience is second to none. No arguments when returning stuff - unlike many of the big high street electrical stores - no names no pack drill! Periodically they have some really great offers which you don\'t see again. Also they have many USA lines which you\'d not see anywhere else either. The quality is great and prices of these items unbeatable IMO. You can join and IIRC they will refund your membership any time within the year if you\'re not happy (better check that though). Right now they have great Xmas stuff in which is much cheaper than anywhere else I\'ve come across. BTW all TV\'s come with 3 year guarantee and prices can be as much as 40% lower than high street.
Costco? - AF
A couple of motoring special offers at Costco coming up.

This week (29th September to 5th October) they are giving a £35 discount if you buy any 4 Michelin tyres, with the coupon in the voucher booklet they just sent out.

For the week of the 10th November to the 16th November, they are discounting the Origin Blue i GPS Speed warning systems by £50 to £234.99 (inc VAT).
Costco? - GrumpyOldGit
Excellent place. I have to agree with the customer service comment - absolutely first class. Obviously American training! My local is Reading.

Just bought 2 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, 205/45 17, and they undercut the quote I got from Micheldever Tyres, who are reputed to be the cheapest around. £107 each including vat, fitting, balancing, new valves and rotation. Costco can supply any Michelin tyre sold in the UK.

They also have the Garmin Street Pilot III for £704 including vat. It seems to be about a grand everywhere else. Electronics, tools, car batteries are all very good value.
Costco? - volvoman
Yep GOG - forgot to mention the car batteries - saw a Bosch suitable for Mrs V's car for less than £20 plus DRAT.
Costco? - GrumpyOldGit
A colleague here saved 10 quid over Halford\'s price on a battery.
Costco? - Nsar
Never bought tyres/tools/air sets etc there but my wife's digi camera was £50 cheaper there than from who generally have amongst the lower prices for online electricals.
You do sometimes walk out having bought daft stuff you don't need though
Costco? - volvoman
Yep agree with that Nsar - but the good thing is you can always take it back with no hassle. I find using cash is the best 'restraint' on any unwarranted spending - somehow handing over the notes has that effect ;-)
Costco? - mal
I bought a gallon of wash&wax for about a fiver, and when got around to using it imagine my surprise when took the top off and it was a thick white liquid, not what I was expecting.
I had picked up liquid wax instead which was very cheap for tripleplan!
Yes, there are quite a few bargains to be had there but as has been said you can get carried away and buy things you wouldn't normaly buy anyway.


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