Paddle shifters - BaseRSXmanual
These started on the F1 and the Ferraris, now you can get then on all types of cars. I have seen Clarkson and other professional drivers talk about how they don?t like them. But others say they are better than a normal clutch manual because you can switch gears so much faster. Are they really better? Has anyone seen any articles of professional drivers talking about paddle shifters one way or the other?
Paddle shifters - Pugugly {P}
Don't, personally, like the BMW ones I've tried.
Paddle shifters - daveyjp
The paddles are purely the input - the speed of change is down to the mechanics of the gearbox and clutch - the smart is slow the Audi is very quick and will remain so regardless of using paddles or the gearstick. Main issue is you don't need to remove our hands from the wheel to change gear.

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