Rover 414 stalling - Ian - rover 414
I have an L reg rover 414i. It's been a great car and a good runner - until now.
It has 125,000 on the clock. It start perfectly and runs well for the first 20-30 minutes. Depending on the air temperature, if it gets to full running temperature, at speed, the revs can severely dip on occassions. At low revs, it stalls suddenly. This usually happens at traffic lights, round-abouts - the worst possible place. I normally get the problem on about 10% of journeys, so it is not predicatable.
It will not start immediately (the engine turns but does not fire). After a wait of a couple of minutes, it re-starts perfectly.
My garage have replaced the spark plugs, distributor, rotor arm, ignition coil, engine temperature and coolant temperature sensors.
If I can drive on quiet roads, the temparture never gets hot enough to cause the problem. Can someone advise me on what the problem might be (or how I can keep the rest of the traffic off the M25).

Rover 414 stalling - Mike200
Could it be something (electronics) in the ECU breaking down with the excess heat??

Has your dealer tested the ECU??
Rover 414 stalling - David Davies
I'd suggest the problem could be the flywheel sensor failing when hot.Quite a common problem on this engine.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Rover 414 stalling - DL
But does it restart OK?
Rover 414 stalling - Helpless Female
I posted a very similar question for a 214 at the beginning of Sept. Started off as very intermittantly, but gradually got worse over a period of time. After various trips to/from the garage they rebuilt the injection unit, including the stepper motor and another couple of bits. They could not actually identify the fault although the car did show the symptoms when with them - thankfully. They also sent the ECU off for a diagnostic test. We used a Rover specialist rather than a dealer - would recommend them to anyone in the same area - St. Albans, Herts. Touch wood, the car is fine now. The mileage is about 115,000 (K reg, 214 cabriolet). It has been a great car and one worth keeping on the road.
Hope this may be of some help.

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