Audi TT overheating - Racer
My TT is overheating and I suspect it is the thermostat, I\'ve dropped it off at the local Skoda garage as it is too far to get it to the nearest Audi Stealer. I have a few questions.
1. Has anyone else got any experience of overheating on similar engines VAG 1.8 Turbo 180bhp.
2. Should I expect it to be the thermostat or could it be the water pump or something else?
3. I haven\'t driven it very far since I have had this problem, how would I know if I have damaged the head gasket?
4. What are Skoda garages like for customer service? I could see the pound signs in his eyes as I drove up, am I likely to get fleeced?
Audi TT overheating - mare
In my very short experience Skoda Dealers seem little different to other brand main dealers. My local one is £50/hour and wanted £100+ for the 10,000 oil change service (done at local garage for £37). The customer service is indifferent (very polite but i was never left with the feeling that they really knew the product. Especially as the garage is shared with another brand, so the technicians have to know about two types of car, rather than specialise in Skoda.

In balance i'm sure that there are really good ones though.

Apart from that, sorry can't help

Just wondering, TT's are quite new, is yours out of warranty then?
Audi TT overheating - Racer
Thanks. It is a 1999 T plate so unfortunately it is out of waranty. They won't give me any indication of price, even though they are carrying out the work. I've told them I don't want any nasty surprises.
Audi TT overheating - DL
I'd stay sat down when they call you!
Audi TT overheating - Racer
I'm not quite as worried, I've had another chat with them. The part is about £12-15 and labour is at £42 p/h. Max labour should be 2 hrs.
Audi TT overheating - DL
Good news, keep us posted on how it turns out.

Cheers! (Another Stella from the fridge!)
Audi TT overheating - Racer
Will do, cheers.


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