Engine Management Light on Corsa \'99 - monkey123

I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.....

THe engine Management Light on my V reg Corsa comes on intermittently all the time. Doesnt matter what speed I do, whether I\'m braking, etc.

I\'ve taken the car 3 times to a PLP Vauxhall garage and had it put on the computer, each time have been told that no fault was found except maybe due to over using the cigarette lighter (?). Im a smoker but not in the car that much of the time to over use it! Anyway the cigarette light no longer works, but I still have the fault.

I noticed that my car also has started leaking a little oil. I\'ve been checking oil constantly, etc. Engine Management Light still on intermittently but battery light flickers on occasionally (not oil light).

Electrical fault??

I\'m trying to get it back into the garage but have been told cant get appointment for another week.

Can anyone help??

Engine Management Light on Corsa '99 - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Check the fuse box and see what else is on the fag lighter fuse.

Simplicate and add lightness!!
Engine Management Light on Corsa '99 - monkey123
Thanks, I will do:)


Engine Management Light on Corsa '99 - Dynamic Dave
If you check the handbook, it says somewhere that the ECU light can flicker occasionally, but providing it doesn't stay on, then there's no fault.

If it does ever come on and stay on, ECU codes can be checked by using a paperclip and the instructions from this website:-


Engine Management Light on Corsa \'99 - Dynamic Dave
Just re-read your post - didn\'t spot the battery light flickering part.

This sounds like a poor earth somewhere. Usual culprit is dirty battery terminals, or the earth strap between the alternator and engine isn\'t making a good connection.

It could also be the cause of the ECU light flickering.
Engine Management Light on Corsa '99 - Altea Ego
Could also be the alternator on its way out, that causes funny ecu/ABS/other warning lights on vauxhalls

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