Express Fit - DieselBoy
I do a reasonable amount of miles in my 406HDi (>20k pa), so I am conscious of the need to keep the car in good fettle by attending to its every need.

Anyway, I have recently discovered Express Fit by Peugeot. I know that several people here recommend them as they are main dealer linked and cheap (doesn't happen often), and I've taken my car there three times now. First for a timing belt change (£120.00), second for an oil and filter change (£24.99) and today for a service. The cost was £158.00 all in for their standard service for cars 3+ years old, and:

New front offside Continental
Change of brake fluid

In my view that's pretty damn good, and better than taking my car to a back street garage with an element of the unknown.

As garages generally get a bad press, I just thought I'd attempt to balance things out....
Express Fit - Dan J
Reason for this is that dealers used to insist on charging full rates however old cars were and have now realised that as soon as warranty runs out everyone pink fluffy dice off and goes to a cheap independent. Who, incidentally, probably does just as good if not a better job. It\'s better for them to get the cars back in and simply make a bit less servicing them. It often also gives salesman chance to pounce on those loitering in the waiting area!
Express Fit - DieselBoy
I think there is also a certain amount of psychology to it as well. I feed better taking my car to a main dealer, no matter how ill-conceived that idea is!
Express Fit - DieselBoy
Of course I meant feel better, not feed. I eat fine no matter where I take my car....
Express Fit - HF
Darn it, DB,

For a moment there I had thought it might be ok to simply take you to a main Peugot dealer for your sustenance when you visit, rather than actually cook for you.

Ah well....


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