Passat Headlights - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
As my previous VW, a Golf, the first dipped headlight bulb has failed within 2 years and 34000 miles on my 2002 model Passat.
As the handbook gives no bulb specifications and warns that ALL bulbs must be replaced by a dealer, I let them do it.
From watching the technician at work,I've established it is an H7 bulb and reckon I could do a future replacement myself after removing some air intake ducting.
A spare bulb was bought for £9 locally, a bit cheaper than the £20 charged by VW, although their bulb was £6 + vat.
I expect the second one to fail shortly if the Golf was anything to go by.
Any other brands have this coyness with bulbs?
Passat Headlights - DL
Sounds more like rip-off Britain to me, unfortunately.
Passat Headlights - Aprilia
Sounds quite bizarre to me - you should be able to change an H7.

What next - you have to take it to the dealer for to be washed with VW-branded water at £70/hour labour?
Passat Headlights - Andy P
Typical manufacturer ploy to extract even more readies from your wallet.

If it happens again, try

Passat Headlights - Halmer
Funnily enough both bulbs blew on my S Reg Golf at the same time.

I turned the key, then the lights on and nothing happened. I had to drive home on side lights and given that neither lights were working fully expected it to be a fuse.

Cost me £50 to replace both bulbs by my local VW dealer which seemed a bit steep. Now that I know how to do it on the Golf I would replace myself in future if I still had it. I now have a Passat; it sounds a bit more complicated according to your thread. I'll cross the bridge when I come to it.

Passat Headlights - JohnM{P}
Changing the bulbs on my '97 Passat was no problem; VW Dealer was cheapest in UK for H7 ('though Swiss autobahn service area was just as cheap!). Second bulbs usually failed soon after the first. Later I used Philips +50%, which were a big improvement at approx £20/pair - so I bought a pair for the 2001 Golf I've now inherited. Trouble is, the Golf engine bay is extremely full with 110TDi engine - reckon I'll have to remove battery to get access to the nearside...

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