ford granada 24v auto box??? - bert929cc
problem.......when i engage kick down the engine dies for a couple of seconds,then drops down into lower gear.if 3rd gear is engaged 4th gear is reluctant to slot in. any ideas? mileage is 146,000
ford granada 24v auto box??? - frostbite
If that is original box then you have done rather well - many rate them for about 80K.

There is an adjustment to the throttle/kickdown linkage, as detailed in Haynes and hopefully someone will be along to comment on the engine problem.
ford granada 24v auto box??? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I'll bet it has never had a fluid change? Drain the 'box sump either via the drain plug then remove the pan. Disconnect the cooler pipes and allow to drain. You may be able to drain the torque converter if there is an access panel in the bell housing and a plug in the converter. Replace the filter screen and the pan (with a new gasket!), refit the cooler hoses and fill with fresh fluid as per Haynes (et al) and add a tube of Forte Auto Box Treatment (if you cant get it locally I can send you some). As long as the box isnt knackered this should help.
See if this improves the response on kickdown but you may need to have some diagnostics on the engine in case it is falling over under acceleration. Could be as simple as plugs and leads or fouled injectors.

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