Resetting an Omega trip computer - Owen-UK

I have just taken the plunge and bought a 99 Omega Elite.

There was no manual with it, but thats all right as I can work out most things ...... BUT apparentley NOT how to zero the trip computer.

Anyone out there know the answer to my question?

Thanks in advance

Resetting an Omega trip computer - Dynamic Dave
If the same as the Vectra trip/fuel computer, there should be 2 buttons on the wiper stalk labelled \"S\" & \"R\"

\"S\" scrolls through the different displays - Constant Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption, Gallons left in fuel tank, Average speed, Trip Mileage, How many miles worth of fuel you have left, stop watch, and temperature display. The \"R\" button resets each one separately, or if held down for a few seconds resets the whole lot in one go, apart from Temperature and Constant fuel consumption.
Resetting an Omega trip computer - Vin {P}
Correct, except that for the stopwatch, one press on the top button makes it start, one stops it, and a third press resets it.



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