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Honda CRX - Tim
I'm loooking to buy 1988-1991 Honda CRX to do about 12000 miles a year for the next three years. My budget is around £2000, are there any other cars that people could suggest that are well made, reliable and are not too sluggish. Does anyone know where I can get detailed info on the Honda?
Re: Honda CRX - sam
swift gti
Re: Honda CRX - Ian Aspinall
Cavalier GSi - quickish, German-built, lots of toys, reliable and pretty cheap to run if you avoid the 4WD version - my old one did 40 mpg on the motorway. £2000 should get you a clean 91/92 model.
Re: Honda CRX - honest john
The CRX is a cult car and conseqently demand exceeds supply which is why prices are on the steep side. It also has a very nasty rust problem.

Re: Honda CRX - T lucas
a real fun car with the vtec engine,look for one thats recently come in from Japan,no rust to worry and £2000 will buy a nice one.
Honda CRX - David Lacey
Steer well clear of an import. I was going to mention the rust problem before HJ pipped me to the post.
They also seem to have an affinity for suspension bushes and ball joints, which can be quite expenxive to replace.


Re: Honda CRX - Tim
Thanks guys

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