peugoet 406 hdi timing and injection - kyle richmond
After been told by peugeot the injection pump needs changing i got a pump from a car which has done 18000 miles, but am wondering if the pump can be put straight on, will it need to programmed by peugeot for it to work properly or such due to it been electrical, also does anyone know how the tension is converted form seem units?
peugoet 406 hdi timing and injection - DL
Sounds like a job for a Dealer or a specialist with the right kit..
peugoet 406 hdi timing and injection - David Davies
On the HDi engine the injection pump is a very high pressure delivery pump,however it has no metering function as this is achieved by computer controlled diesel injectors.Hence the pump does not AFAIK need timing or programming.On the subject of 'seem' units,most in the trade do not bother with them and they are only of any meaning if you are using a belt tension gauge calibrated in them.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)

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