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BMW 735i SE - What's it Worth? - Paul Robinson
Expert opinion please, on the current market value and prospects of selling:

1992(K) BMW 735i SE, Met. dark red, black leather, 112k FBMWSH.

Many thanks

Paul R
Re: BMW 735i SE - What's it Worth? - chris watson
a dealer mate of mine has a bmw 735i se, in dark blue, 134.000 miles, FBMWSH, 1993 (k), for the price of £4500, not many people want a massive car like this, what with the cost of the petrol and servicing, parts, etc. also your car is not the best colour for a bmw, plus a black interior makes the car look very sombre and depressing inside.
Re: BMW 735i SE - What's it Worth? - chris watson
i have phoned my mate, and he says about £3700 for a private sale.
Re: BMW 735i SE - What's it Worth? - Stuart

Don't want to be depressing but I have been monitoring the price of these big cars (as an amateur I would add) for some time. £3,700 seems rather generous, I would have said £3,000 on a good day. Cost of fuel is an obvious issue, servicing an obvious issue but also nervousness about what this mad anti-car government might do in the way of tax on large engined vehicles.

Sorry, hope I'm wrong.


Re: BMW 735i SE - What's it Worth? - honest john
I'd say Stuart is right.

Re: BMW 735i SE - What's it Worth? - David Woollard
Magnificent car for the right user. Bet it has loads of life left and looks good. I know a couple of people who run such vehicles. If they wanted to they could buy such a vehicle brand new but they run immaculate older versions for less outlay than the first years depreciation on a new/nearly new one.

Selling should be OK but the price must be right. My logic is as follows...

If you are selling such a vehicle it is usually to avoid trading in for a more expensive one. The private/trade cash buyers will know, if unsold privately, you will have to take the trade-in option...and they have a good idea what that figure may be. Perhaps nearer a level £3000 for this car. You and they both know selling it for this figure gains the huge flexibility to visit the dealers (or look privately yourself) without the millstone of a trade-in.

And if you get stuck with it when the new car has arrived the only option then is auction or the hard trade cash buyer, what do you think the bottom line is then guys £2500?

Hope it finds a good home.

Thank you - Paul Robinson
Thanks for the information guys, I was enquiring on behalf of a client - fortunately I don?t have the ?challenge? of disposing of the BM myself!

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