Peugeot 306 key fob batteries wear out - westendred
Hi All,
the key fobs for my peugeot for my 306 go through batteries too fast. The problem just started happening to my main set and my spare set at the same time. I\'ve seen other people have the same problems, but not seen a solution except buying a new set from Peugeot for £70.
I\'ve checked the circuit board and it takes 70uA when doing nothing, goes up to 7mA for a few seconds when the key is pressed, falls back to 200uA while the key is still pressed and then back to 70uA when released.
The capacity of a CR2025 battery is 170mAh which gives approximately 100days at 70uA and about 35 days at 200uA if the key is getting stuck. I would guess my PCB is taking too much current.
Does anyone know what the faulty component might be or what the circuit schematic is and I might be able to track down the problem.

Ta very much,


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