Most Dangerous Road in Britain - borasport20
Today a branch of the AA has named the Buxton-Macclesfield road as the most dangerous road in Britain.

Anybody agree that there are no dangerous roads - only dangerous drivers ?

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Most Dangerous Road in Britain - volvoman
Well there are certainly plenty of dangerous drivers out there - those who choose to drive recklessly and those who do so inadvertently. However there clearly are some dangerous roads and co-incidentally I've just seen a piece on Sky News about street furniture on 'A' roads being a serious potential hazard. Certainly don't know what the answer to that is 'cos I can't see anyone rushing to spend £££££££'s moving or protecting all our lamp posts, telegraph poles etc. I suspect speed limits may be reviewed downwards in places as it's easier and cheaper if not necessarily welcome. Really can't see anyone wanting to pay for risk assessments on every potential hazard adjacent to our roads so what other option is there?
Most Dangerous Road in Britain - Nortones2
That road is so open, good visibility etc (except when fog descends), that I suspect its only risky because of its attraction for people who want to do things at high speed, better done on closed roads! maybe the ploice should link the rider behaviour (speed, angle of lean etc) to the insurance companies data base! Don't think you're supposed to race on ordinary insurance. By the way i have ridden my old Norton over there many times but it would only be a mobile chicane to Ducati's.
Most Dangerous Road in Britain - Andrew-T
I'm with you, bora. An empty road is clearly harmless. I drive the 537 a few times each year (and several of the other 'most dangerous' roads), usually on a Sunday, and it is clearly loved by bikers, which is why the injury rate is high. One day last year the road was closed because of a biker mishap, causing several miles detour for many drivers so that the ambulance could do its job safely.

Another road similar to the 537 is the 686 Penrith-Alston, which would probably also be on the list if it was busier. Going up the climb ten days ago (one lane each way, S-bends) a pedal-cycle race was in progress. Car starts gingerly to pass cyclist, but motorbike won't wait for that, and decides to pass both of them, about 30 yards before blind corner. And some posters here wonder why bikers have a bad name.

If anything had gone wrong, the innocent cyclist would probably have come off worst.
Most Dangerous Road in Britain - SR
Although I think some roads could be better, I do agree with the original sentiment that it's drivers who create the danger.

Having driven the A9 north to Inverness on numerous occasions, I am always aware of it's reputation as a killer. However, I have never been put in danger by the road, but frequently by other drivers, many of those presumably quite certain that their excessive speed and reckless overtaking isn't doing them any harm, so it must be perfectly safe......

Where roads are less than ideal, I often find that signs, road markings and lowered speed limits give adequate warning, It is those who choose to ignore these warnings who cause the danger.
Most Dangerous Road in Britain - bradgate
Quite right.

I was brought up in North Derbyshire and the 'Cat & Fiddle' has always been heavily used by bikers looking for an opportunity to exercise their machines. This results in the inevitable high number of serious high speed accidents, many of which involve a loss of control and no other vehicle.


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