Fuel Spillage - Keith Fellows

I drove through a fairly severe fuel spillage on a roundabout last Wednesday (cars were sliding all over the place). Today is the first time I have used the car since and the steering still feels very light and there doesn't seem to be much grip. I would have thought that after 70 miles any trace of the fuel would have worn off the tyres.

Has anybody got any suggestions/comments?


Fuel Spillage - neil
Sure its not yours that's leaking ??!
Fuel Spillage - Sooty Tailpipes
When petrol evapourates it does leave a greasy residue, but I would have though after 70 miles it would be long gone.
Maybe its just similar to if someone talks about fleas everyone starts to itch.
Fuel Spillage - Dynamic Dave
Was it petrol or diesel that was spilt?
Fuel Spillage - Hugo {P}
Try a power hose on your tyres, or at the very least, get some cheap washing up liquid, take your wheels off one by one and give then a good scrubbing with neat detergent getting into the tread, then rinse them off with water.

You may have trapped a bit of fuel in the treads and it could be seeping out.

If this doesn't cure the problem, you can atlast eliminate your tyres - and they'll be nice and shiny!


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