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Apololgies if this has common ground with a recent thread on a similar subject. This is a quick post without spending time to find the first, and merge the two.

I understand that where I live, what is being called a 'vehicle amnesty' will be running later this year. Residents who report the first 100 vehicles can have old and unwanted cars, caravans and motorbikes collected and disposed of completely free of charge.

At the moment, £62.50 is the normal fee to dispose of a vehicle that has come to the end of its life, but the article I just read said that new legislation being introduced over the next two years will increase disposal costs to £350.

Flippin' eck! Three Hundred and Fifty Quid, to get rid of a ratty old banger worth tuppence ha'penny even if going to the trouble of sellining all the components individually, which most people can't be bothered with.

What planet do Tony's Cronies live on?

'Vehicle Amnesty' - GrumpyOldGit
Another wonderful idea - all putting the cost up will do is increase the number of dumped vehicles.
'Vehicle Amnesty' - Cliff Pope
I don't think I've quite got 100 vehicles to own up to, even counting bits from dismantled ones, so could I sell my unused quota?!

At present the disposal charge is set by the dismantlers, allegedly to cover the environmental costs of removing fluids, rubber, plastic, foam etc rather then just crushing it all and melting it down. It is not a statutory charge. Some dismantlers charge more, or less, depending on the particular case. In my area a stripped-out shell costs £25 to have collected.

If this report is true then it is another example of brainless thinking by the government. Where do they think the cars will be dumped - deserted beauty spots.
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I think you may have been looking for this


This is the thread I posted a while back. I just wanted to get people thinking about how scrap cars can be disposed of in the future.

Ideas include;

Selling spares off it
Advertising "Free to a Good Home"
Colleges of Further Education
Community Groups - Banger Racing etc
Garages - for cheap spares - if they can be bothered to store it
Fire Service - for training purposes - if they can collect
A friend or neigbour who has one like it - "have it FOC if you take it all"
Anyone wanting to mess around with it. I know a girl who gave her Fiesta to a local chap - an apprentice panel beater and sprayer - he just wanted to practice.
Export them en mass to a country that could use them - eg most of the African countries.
Line them up for the Plymouth to Dakkar Rally - takes place every boxing day. I believe a whole host of Ladas have already gone this way.

'Vehicle Amnesty' - Tim Allcott
I hesitate to say this, but there are at least two people in Hull now offering to collect scrap cars for free... if you want to make contact, go to www.thishull.co.uk, and look through the motoring classifieds. I now await the convoy of barely roadworthy vehicles up and down the A1, and across the M62. The market has obviously changed, as last year I had to pay 25 pounds for someone to remove a dead Mazda...
'Vehicle Amnesty' - martint123
but there are at least two people in Hull now offering to collect scrap cars for free who stop on the way home, remove the sellable bits and leave the rest at the side of the road??


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