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My student daughter runs a 1.1 pop plus to get to college etc. Its the H.C.S.engine weber carb model; and following a fuel leak which was causing uneven running, a problem still persists only at low revs. All the service items have been done and a local ford dealer has set up the mixture [replacing the screw] The breathing function is O.K and they are unable or unwilling to find a cure. I can only describe the tickover as lumpy, and not consistent.It has a manual choke, and cuts out sometimes [hot or cold] when stopping for traffic.
Any ideas to help us keep our sanity?

feisty fiesta - RichardW
Sounds to me like the idle / slow running jet is blocked up. Don't know where it will be on this carb, but it usually just screws in from the outside somewhere - try Haynes. Whip it out and blow it out / clean out the housing and all should be restored to normal. Probably worth changing / fitting a new fuel filter to stop it happening - noting that on older cars the fuel hoses start to disintegrate internally and all the bits end up in the carb....


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
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Have you replaced the obvious? - plugs, air filter, checked valve clearances.
The HCS can run badly at higher mileages, if oil changes neglected emission pipes become bunged up with oil goo.
Also valves may burn out, this would show a general power loss and the car would feel slow.
If valves ok, ignition timing and plugs fine then suspect the carb. Check all connections and any loose rubber hoses that would let in an air leak to the manifold.
Sometimes taking off the air filter cover and squirting down some carb cleaner spray can loosen off residues and varnishes inside. You could try trickling down some Redex but this will ultimately stall the engine and create a massive smoke screen...
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Agree with Richardw.
Another problem might be that the Dealer has set the carb idling to be within emission limits. With an older engine this might lead to poor idling. Very often a little 'tweak' on the mixture screw will restore good idling - at the expense of illegal emmisions.
feisty fiesta - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Spot on Carrick. Just to add that the plug gaps should be 1mm not .7-.8 of old valencia engines which can cause a rough idle. Sometimes a leaking vac servo will cause the mixture to go weak

Goodwood, aaaaahhh!
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My 1.3 HCS fell out with me on the idling front a couple of months back. I was stuck in traffic for 45mins going VERY slowly in hot weather. Basically about 20 minutes into the jam the car misfired more and more until it stalled. I'd then restart it, only for it to start misfiring again until it stalled again! The best thing I could do was keep the engine off until I needed to move, the gap between restarts helped it!

Replaced the HT leads, but haven't been in a situation like that since to get the symptoms again. It just seemed very odd and out of character.

Mike Farrow

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