Nissan Diesel Cam Belt - Carl
How hard is it to replace a cam belt in a 1998 Primera with the CD20 diesel engine?, The reason I ask is that I have been quoted £220 at a Nissan Main Dealer, which also includes the alternator/water pump/AC compressor belts as well.

I have usually found Halfords to cheaper in labour costs than main dealers, but found them only truely familar with mass market cars i.e. Vectras/Mondeos/Rovers, and don't want to take it to them if they don't know what their looking at.
Re: Nissan Diesel Cam Belt - David Woollard

Trade time about 3.5 hrs to include the extra belts you mention. No special tools needed. The tensioner should be a self-tensioning sprung type so no need to stress over/measure the right tension.

Were they going to change the timing belt tensioner pulley as well?

Also yours has the separate injection pump belt doesn't it, was that included?

Halfords should have the data book to do this.

Re: Nissan Diesel Cam Belt - Carl
Does the timing tensioner pulley need replacing as well?, do they not last the lifetime of the engine?
Nissan Diesel Belt Tensioner - David Woollard

I have no information as to the mileage expected from this Nissan tensioner. You may have seen here previously there are some engines where the tensioner should be changed as well.

I mentioned it from the cost as well as safety point of view. I recently had to fit a Fiat tensioner and it was about £70. Whether or not a tensioner was included in you dealer quote is important for quoting like for like.


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