Renault 19 Problem - minniman
Can any one help me with a problem I\'ve got with a Renault 19 GTS-X 1.4 ENERGY.
The problem is it will not idle. Other than that it runs great, accelerates normally, it doesn\'t misfire, it\'s not using excessive amounts of fuel or oil, and it starts first time every time. It is a 1390cc (EJ6) engine with a Weber 32 TLDR carb.

I left the car standing for two weeks, while I was on holiday. When I got in the car again it was very low on petrol, although it wasn\'t in the red, I drove about 6 miles to get fuel, it was ok, I then drove a further 50 miles. Within a mile of my destination the car kept stalling.
The situation 3 weeks later is this, lets say I\'m on the motor way doing 70 mph, if I dip the clutch the engine dies, (the rev counter drops like a stone), rengage the clutch and were up and running straight away. Normal commuting requires braking and very precise throttle control with the same foot, at the same time.
First off I tried blowing air through all the jets in the carb, no effect. Second attempt was fitting a new in line fuel filter, no effect, (there was no dirt visible in the old filter). I\'m now at a loss as to what to try next! I noticed today that there is a plastic box on the cardb body where the choke pull- off vacuum hose exits to. The \"Haynes\" doesn\'t identify this component, what is it?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Renault 19 Problem - Mondaywoe
Have you checked for inlet manifold leaks and /or breather leaks? Used to have a 19 with this engine - good motor.


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