Ford Mondeo Boot - Blue_nova
Someone in my family has recently purchased a new ford mondeo and has experianced some problems with the boot closing. no mater what amount of force you place on it it won`t lock.

If anyone else has had this probelm i have found out that if you open the rear passenger door an then try it closes fine.
Well look at that
Ford Mondeo Boot - Blue {P}
Just out of interest, try opening a window in the back and then trying to close the boot.

I'm sure that no Ford could possibly be that airtight but I can't think of anything else that could involve the rear door been opening! As you say the car is new I'm assuming it has been in no serious accidents and that the body is straight...

I would imagine it is something to do with the locking mechanism, definately take it back to Ford though and get them to look at it, it shouldn't be doing this!

Ford Mondeo Boot - Blue_nova
Thanks for that. Although we have taken it back and they put it down to this.
Well look at that
Ford Mondeo Boot - Marc
Do you mean the boot won't latch correctly onto the striker plate? There's been a thread about this before I'm sure. Try doing a search. It can be adjusted apparently to ensure it latches properly.

A lot of new shape Mondeo owners seem to complain of irritating rattling noises from the boot area (myself included). This has been been put down to the latch adjustment

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