Focus gearbox problems - rob baker
we have a t reg focus estate, bought 18 months ago from car dealer with an "insurance warranty". on the day we bought this car (or day after can't remember) my wife started it up on our driveway and there was a loud bang and the gearbox had gone. it was taken by trailer back to dealer and repaired under insurance warranty. but was always stiff - we were told it would get easier but it hasnt in 16000 miles. now it is extremely difficult to get into reverse gear (sometimes literally impossible even after engaging first and rolling forward a bit) and it keeps jumping out of second. any suggestions??
thanks. rob
Focus gearbox problems - RichardW

IIRC the focus has cable operated gear change. It may just be that one of the cables wants adjusting or lubricating (esp as it seems to affect reverse and 2nd which are in the same plane I think). Might also be low oil level in the 'box.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Focus gearbox problems - rob baker
thanks for that. it has been looked at by local ford dealer who couldn't get it to jump out of gear (its jumped out 2 or 3 times in last week/10 days). also its nearly always difficult if not impossible to get into reverse. the ford garage says its not abnormal? anyone got any ideas.

2- also sometimes when you try to accelerate at low speeds in particular it sort of jerks forward. the garage tester says this is because the car is misfiring occasionally. would this have damaged the cat ? any knowledge of this problem??


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