Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - Som
Is the Scenic fuel tank really 60l (from Haynes manual)?
I am only squeezing in about 45l with the needle resting on empty. Could maybe get a few more l in, but not 10-15!
My oil level guage definately has a mind of its own, so perhaps the fuel guage is reading low? Would be good to know that there is plenty in reserve on 'empty'.
Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - Ivor E Tower
How many miles after the low fuel warning lamp has come on before the gauge is on empty? Perhaps like me, you are not brave enough to keep going! My 1998 Scenic's low fuel light seems to come on when there's only about 45 litres gone. I've driven up to about 40 miles after the lamp came on but then filled up just to be sure.
I used to have a Rover 820 and could easily drive for 60 miles (c. 2 gallons) after the low fuel lamp came on, but I once used a "pool car" Citroen ZX and ran out of fuel (diesel) after only about 20 miles after the low fuel lamp came on. Just managed to make it to a garage using crossed fingers and the starter motor. Won't ever risk going too far again with a low fuel light glowing!
Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - Altea Ego
Being very brave, and feeling nervous, I ran for 80 miles with the warning light on. The most I mananged to squeeze in after that was 57.3 litres.

Re the oil level blobometer, I found this to be quite good. (needs to be on level ground tho). But as it never got below three blobs (1/2 way between max and min on dipstick) between services I never had to top it up. From brand new to 50k miles it never needed a top up between services. (1.6 8v) I must have ran it in quite well.
Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - BobbyG
My Scenic is the facelifted version, diesel, and it is 60 litres. I assume this as I have managed to get 58 litres into it. I agree, however, that the light seems to come on with at least 2 gallons left to spare. I have got a further 80 miles out of it after the light has came on.
Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - jc
Both my Fords(different models) hold approx. 2 gallons when the needle is on "E" and on the car which also has a warning light,it comes on just as the needle reaches the "E" mark.
Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - Som
Ah, I think the most revealing point here is the whole warning light issue. Mine doesn't come on, so I forgot all about it! The guage is showing empty (totally - needle resting on pin) before the light activates, which could be around the 45l gone mark.
I'll stick a can of diesel in the boot and run it further on empty to see if the light comes on.

Thanks everyone!
Scenic (1998) fuel tank capacity? - Ivor E Tower
Be careful - if you run out of fuel on a diesel the system has to be bled under the bonnet to remove air before the engine will start and run cleanly. Unless you know how to do this, or you are sure that your system bleeds itself (some do, don't know how they do this) then be sure to stop and top up the fuel tank at the first sign of engine spluttering.


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