Oil for Audi PD engine - Pat L
What oils can I use on a 115bhp PD TDi engine (now out of warranty and don\'t want to pay Audi prices for oil and filter changes)? Can I take advantage of the KwikFit Moblil 1 offer?


Oil for Audi PD engine - Sooty Tailpipes
Any that says :
\"506.01\" on the container, anything else would have an unknown risk attached.
Castrol SLX Longlife II
Mobil SHC Formula LD 0W-30
Oil for Audi PD engine - John S
Careful with the SLX. When I looked on the back of a can a month or so back it specifically said it did NOT meet VW505.01, and should not be used in engines that needed that spec!


John S
Oil for Audi PD engine - bertj
This topic has come up so many times on this forum. You MUST use an oil to VW specification 505.01. Nothing else will do! You can either buy it at your Audi/VW/Skoda/SEAT dealer at about £9 per litre (yes, £9 per litre!) or track down a Millers Oils outlet. Look at www.millersoils.co.uk
Millers 505.01 costs about £20 for 5 litres. There are some very expensive Castrol oils but they cost more than the VW stuff.
The above assumes that you intend doing oil changes at 10,000 miles or one year. If you are going for extended mileage changes then you MUST use 506.01.
Personally I think that even 10,000 miles oil change is too long on these engines.

Mobil 1 will NOT do!
Oil for Audi PD engine - Pat L
Thanks for the replies.

However, is it 505.01 or 506.01?

I have had the oil and filter changed every 5,000 miles so far (now at 37,000 miles)and will continue to do so. Engine as sweet as a nut.

I'll try the Millers link and perhaps buy enough for a few changes.

Oil for Audi PD engine - M.M

There are a couple of smaller outlets in town here that do Millers at good prices. For some reason the smaller boys are a better bet for this well regarded oil.

Oil for Audi PD engine - bertj
It's 505.01 if you do regular oil changes. Some VW/Audi pdi cars were set up originally at the dealer for extended oil changes. In other words the oil change interval was determined by the style and type of driving. The car computer 'decided' when an oil change was required. This could be as much as 20,000 miles!
From what you say your Audi has had regular oil changes. You only need 506.01 for extended changes. I always use Millers 505.01 in our Passat and Polo pdi's. Like yourself I change the oil and filter at 5,000 miles. However, whatever anyone else says you must use 505.01 oil in your engine. Don't let anyone tell you that 'Bloggs' oil is OK if it doesn't show the 505.01 spec! If you do a search in this forum you will find lots of info about this.
Oil for Audi PD engine - Big Dave
The cheapest VW 505 approved oil I have found is ChevronTexaco fully synthetic, which costs £11.75 for 4 litres from CostCo in Watford.

I ran my Passat 1.9 TDI and subsequently my Audi A6 2.5 TDI on it for standard 10,000 mile intervals. The Audi now has 142,000 miles on, so it can\'t be too bad.

However, for the PD engines on extended intervals, it is impossible to find any sensibly priced VW 506 oil. The Castrol SLX Longlife II costs about £11.99 for a litre at Halfords! As my wife has a Golf TDi PD, I would welcome any suggestions for cheap sources of this oil!

Oil for Audi PD engine - bertj
Big Dave
Don't confuse VW 505.00 with VW 505.01. VW 505.00 is OK for the older TDI engines but not the PDI (Pumpe Duse). The critical figure is the 00 or 01 after the 505. The VW handbooks all state that 505.00 MAY NOT be used for vehicles with a UNIT INJECTOR (i.e. Pumpe Duse). The Passat and Audi you refer to have the older TDI engined versions; therefore 505.00 is fine for these.
As I've said in a previous post Millers do a sensibly priced 505.01 oil but not 506.01. I agree that there isn't a cheap source of 506.01. You may be better going for Millers 505.01 and carrying out an oil change on the Golf at more frequent intervals.
Oil for Audi PD engine - Big Dave
call me cynical but I suspect that VW is deliberately controlling the 'supply' of 506.01 oils. My wife gets charged about £50 for oil on a standard service - there must be one hell of a mark up on Castrol Longlife SLX II.
Oil for Audi PD engine - bertj
I don't think you are being cynical - more like entirely accurate!
Oil for Audi PD engine - daveyjp
The 506.01 oil is more expensive, but has to be changed less often - up to 30,000 miles as opposed to every 10,000 miles. Total cost of the oil is therefore about the same. Add personal time in getting it changed and paying someone to change it and the 506.01 is cheaper.

Oil for Audi PD engine - daveyjp
Big Dave - you can chose not to have variable servicing, they will use the cheaper oil and it will revert to 10,000 mile intervals. Just tell them which you want when its next serviced.
Oil for Audi PD engine - eMBe {P}
call me cynical but I suspect that VW is deliberately controlling
the 'supply' of 506.01 oils. My wife gets charged about £50
for oil on a standard service - there must be one
hell of a mark up on Castrol Longlife SLX II.

The subject of Audi & castrol SLX was previously discussed in

when DavidHM said:
>>".. you can buy a 5l can from an independent and as long as it meets the specs, no one will be any the wiser and your warranty is intact. This should cost less than £20 no matter what. .."

Despite a number of requests, he has failed to tell us where he can get 5 litres of Castrol GLX for less than £20 !!

Oil for Audi PD engine - 547HEW
This engine was fitted to the Ford Galaxy. Use Ford oil Finis Code 1130310. 5 litre pack , is approx £21 + VAT retail. Filter, use Finis code 1100696, is approx £7 + VAT retail. All readily available from a Ford dealer.

I have run my PD engine for 63,000 mls on this stuff, oil change (inc filter) every 9,375 miles (15,000 km).
Oil for Audi PD engine - DL
Interestingly, our local Ford factor tells me that normal 5W/30 engine oil is OK for use in the 115PS PD engine...."That's what's listed on the slide mate" was the reply. About £10-worth.

Who is right??
Oil for Audi PD engine - alan kearn
Volkswagen recommended 505.1 / 506.1 engine oils are these synthetic, semi synthetic or mineral oils
Oil for Audi PD engine - Soupytwist
505.01 can be had in semi synthetic - Millers Oils do one that meets the spec.

I would have thought that most (probably all) of the oils that meet 506.01 are synthetic.


Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.

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