Pump Diesel or not? - mamob
I've purchased an April W reg 2000 VW bora 1.9 TDi (red Di) SE. My question is how do I tell the bhp and whether it's a pump diesel or not.

Using internet insurance sites and entering the reg no, they come up with either 90 or 110 bhp. The owners manual shows the engine layout to be a 85 kW model, though this equates to a 115 bhp model!

What's the significance of the red Di on the rear badge?

Any help (other than directing me to my nearest vw dealer) would be much appreciated.
Pump Diesel or not? - borasport20

I presume you mean is it a 'pump duse' engine. This was only fitted to the Bora as a 130 bhp engine.

If you ring any vw dealer and give them the chassis number, they'll tell you. If you want an excuse, ring the dealer who sold it new and tell them you're thinking of buying it of someone and you want to check up

but i think if it's the 130 bhp model, you'll know it.
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Pump Diesel or not? - oldtoffee

It could be a 115bhp pumpe duse, the 130 bhp model was introduced in 2001 to replace the 115. HJ's car by car breakdown suggests the Bora was available with the 115 bhp engine.

Further indication is the red "di" which was first used on the 115bhp models. The red "i" was used to signify the 110 bhp models. The 90 bhp models had no red lettering. Hope this helps.
Pump Diesel or not? - mamob
Thanks to you both for your replies. I forgot to mention in the original post that it also had a six speed gearbox, if this may help to differentiate any. Thanks though to NeilS for clearing up the red Di conundrum, and of course it'll come as no surprise when I say I like the idea that it may in fact be the 115 pd option. Again many thanks.
Pump Diesel or not? - bernie
I think you will find that a red "DI" in "TDI" signifies a 115 bhp engine.The 130 came later.

This assumes that an unscrupulous person has not substituted badges.In any case does not the bumf that came with the car tell you exactlty what it is ?
Pump Diesel or not? - AndyT
I would also associate the red Di with the 115bhp pd engine.

I have not actually seen a pd engine, but if you remove the engine cover on either the 90 or 110, you will see the standard type injection pump with four high pressure metal pipes going to the four injectors. Each injector can be seen clearly standing proud of the cylinder head.

On the pd I believe you will not see any injectors as such, because the units are inside the head/valve cover. I'm not sure whether there are even four injector pipes, as the injector units may have an common supply like common rail.

Just a few possible pointers to hopefully help your predictiment.


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