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Recently my Citreon AX (96, 1.5D, 74,000miles) has developed a rumbling which became a knocking when cornering under power. When I serviced the car I discovered a fair bit of play in the driveshaft on BOTH sides which seems to be down to the CV joints. Also when you turn a wheel the driveshaft discribes an arc rather than just simply revolving. According to the Citreon dealer you need to replce the whole driveshaft to change the CV joints - approximatly £300 +VAT (P+L).

Although it seems clear that the work needs doing my biggest concern is that I don't know what caused the joints to wear in the first place and what's to stop them going again. Any thoughts?
AX CV joints - simonkirkland
CV joints wear out with time anyway. The usual cause for premature wear is the rubber boots on the cv joints being damaged and the grease contained within them dispersing and the joint then not being properly lubricated and wear occurring.

Replacing the drives shafts isn?t a big job. It shouldn?t cost £300 +vat.

You do need to replace the whole thing as the joint is the part where the two half join so replacing one half will on remove half or the wear.

My advice is replace the joints and keep an eye on the rubber boots for wear in the future. You should be able to get at least 40k out of a set of drive shafts.

Also, if you are mechanically minded enough, change the shafts yourself. Cost for parts should be about £60+vat (you can buy refurbished shafts which are as good as new from most automotive component shops and they often give you money back for your olds ones afterwards) and should take about 1-1.5 hrs per shaft (faster if your good)

Hope this helps.


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