Focus Hesitation - superannuated rocker
Can anyone help me with this one. My SWMBO has a 1.6LX Focus V reg. It has developed a hesitation when on transition from a trailing throttle to a throttle open position or when accelerating there is a definite miss on initially increasing throttle opening. It doesn't do it all the time and sometimes when well warmed up and left to stand it behaves itself on restarting. A new set of plugs appeared to work for a day or two but now the problem is back. SWMBO went to the local Ford dealers to get the plugs and was told by the stores man that Focus's where known to misfire and the problem was either plugs, leads or the coil. I do not thing it is leads as in my experience they normally affect one cylinder and in fact it feels a bit like fuel starvation, however the fact that new plugs appeared to make a difference makes me wonder if it is electrical. (coil low on output perhaps?). Any suggestions very welcome.
Superannuated Rocker
PS have you ever noticed when attempting to track down a problem by working your way through the possible guilty components that any thing you change appears to solve the problem for a brief period? perhaps the plugs are a red herring?
Focus Hesitation - Cyd
Sudden failure of HT leads would tend to affect only one at a time, but gradual deterioration to the point where they are no longer effective may well affect all four at once. At V reg the leads could need replacing. In the case of my own car the leads deteriorated with the high underbonnet temps of a petrol turbo and sparks could be seen all over the place with the bonnet up in the dark.

My car exhibits very similar sounding symptoms to yours when the throttle body gets dirty and needs a clean. Worth a check, methinks.
Focus Hesitation - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Throttle Position Sensor (Potentiometer) a very common problem on Fords generally, and usually give exactly these symptoms. You really need an oscilloscope to check for smooth voltage rise as throttle opens (centre wire of three).

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