Stolen when in for warranty work! - Galaxian

This is an ongoing story, so I won't name any names - yet.

My mother bought a one year old Renault Scenic after many years of driving old heaps.

Unfortunately, the car had a small problem with the rear wiper which required warranty work at another Renault dealer.

So, here's the bad news. After the work had been done and the car was being cleaned for collection, a canny thief got into the car - keys in the ignition - and drove off!

Cleary the garage is at fault here (big main dealer) and they are now in a position of having to get a replacement Scenic ...

At this point, we have a courtesy car and await the garage's next move.

Anyone else been in this position ?
Stolen when in for warranty work! - spikeyhead {p}
Sorry to hear of this sad tale, hopefully the garage will make ammends. My tale is similar, and I thought I'd post it in te hope that it will raise a few laughs.
A friend had dropped his car off for a service one morning on the way to work. He'd gone for lunch at a local pub and as he went to leave saw a mechanic park his car and go into the pub. He had his spare keys with him so he duly drove back to work in his own car. At the end of the day he called the garage to enquire if his car was ready for collection. Needless to say he was given a generous discount from a somewhat grovelling garage owner.
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Stolen when in for warranty work! - BobbyG
Off at a tangent I know, but what was the problem with the rear wiper? My Scenic has the split tailgate opening system where the base of the rear wiper doubles as the grab handle for the window opening .

A worse design fault I have yet to see!!!

Going back to original post, many years ago my mark 2 Escort was stolen, hotwired but recovered. Had to get the car towed to a garage as the electrics were knackered.

Whilst in the garage it was stolen - hotwired again and driven away. To this day, mechanic still doesn't know how they managed it...
Stolen when in for warranty work! - Dynamic Dave
This is an ongoing story, so I won't name any names - yet.

Naming & shaming is not permitted, so would prefer it if you didn't at all. Thankyou.

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Stolen when in for warranty work! - Galaxian
I must have missed the 'Naming & shaming' clause in the Terms & conditions - no problem, I'll follow the rules :-)

As for the problem with the rear wiper. The Scenic (alas!) had the same split opening mechanism you mention, BobbyG.

The mechanism to couple the motor with the wiper seems to cause the motor grief and the motor was replaced - of course we will probably never know if this fixed the problem :-(

The problem manifested itself as the wiper not ending up horizontal at the end of its wiping cycle.

The front wiper motor was also replaced, this time because of excessive noise.

The original 2 door Megane courtesy car has now been replaced with a more useful 5 door 1.9 dCi version.

More good news to come hopefully! - something about waiting the six weeks before insurance companies will consider a stolen car really stolen.
Stolen when in for warranty work! - apm
Few years back, father of a friend of mine had his Range Rover nicked from the golf club car park. Turned up in an estate in Lewisham, minus wheels and bits of interior. AA come along to sort out and render it driveable. While the AA guy's doing this, someone has the wheels off his AA van! Nice.
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