renault clio mark1 air pipe - greg
I have a 1.2 mark 1 clio. The pipe leading from the air cleaner to the cylinders has a hole in. I want to replace it but need to know if it has a certain name so I can find a replacement in a nearby car parts shop. Can anyone help?

renault clio mark1 air pipe - steve_rt
ducting - though probably cheaper if a local scrappy has it!
renault clio mark1 air pipe - greg
cheers! will do some research and find out how much.
renault clio mark1 air pipe - Billy Whizz
I would describe it as the "air hose leading from the air filter to the carburettor". How about putting a piece of gaffer tape or similar strong self-adhesive tape over it? All you need to do is to prevent un-filtered air entering the engine (via the hole).
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renault clio mark1 air pipe - borasport20
'air intake ducting' - a good car parts/accessory shop should sell it off a reel !


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renault clio mark1 air pipe - greg
yeah, currently gaffered up but car soon to be sold and don't want to put off potential buyers with dirty great bit of gaffer tape!

I thought they might just cut a bit off a large roll of the stuff, must be similar in all cars. Depending on diameter etc..


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