New Car Today - hootie
Hi - just as a follow up for all who participated when I was looking at cars to choose the other month....the new Yaris was delivered today, and I have made my first trip out accompanying the lucky learner driver, who thinks it's fantastic. It's Dad's turn to do his fatherly duty later (while I have a long lie down in a darkened room) LOL - only joking.

I took the car into town and collected her straight from her lesson, and she drove home. Did very well, and loved the car, especially by comparison with the four vehicles she's driven up to now (Colt, Punto, Fiesta and Corsa)

Car in question is
Toyota Yaris T3, 1 litre, manual, petrol, with alloy wheels.

Many thanks to all who helped us arrive at the decision.
New Car Today - HF
Nice to see someone returning with feedback after being helped by the knowledgable ones on here.

Good luck with the car, hope it serves your daughter well.

New Car Today - hootie
Thank you HF :)

Needless to say she is over the moon - even talking about cleaning it LOL Mind you the real test for her enthusiasm will be when she gets her first wages from her new job, let's see if she can find the petrol cap! LOL

Joking apart, as soon as we got home yesterday, I got her to lift the bonnet and ran through a few things with her (in the light of the new aspects of the driving test) I hope to set her off the way she should carry on.

Am picking her up from her first training day at 4.30, so she'll drive home in the heavier traffic today. Making sure she has plenty of experience before taking her test and going it alone.

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