Creaky Mondeo - Ian71
I have a 2000X Mondeo Ghia estate, one of the last old shape cars.

Over the last year a virtually constant creaking has been coming from the dashboard, seemingly from behind the instrument cluster. It seems to happen mostly when the weather is cool, or if the air con is on, which must cool and create shrinkage in the depths of the dashboard. It does not matter if you are going over a smooth or bumpy surface, if anything it is worst over a smooth road. It is now a constant annoyance, and at times can be heard over the radio - even if it is on loud to attempt to drown it out.

I have taken it into two different Ford dealers on 5 occasions who, despite being told how to ensure the creaking occurs (keep in shade and put air con on full for 10 minutes before taking it out on the road), have not managed to fix it. I personally doubt that they have tried very hard. On one occasion the dealer indicated that the wiring would be very tight and loosening it should solve it, but then did nothing with the car.

I am on the verge of having to get rid of an otherwise good car because we can't cope with the noise. Is there anybody who has had a similar problem, and how was it solved?
Creaky Mondeo - Dynamic Dave
This thread might give you some ideas of how to solve the problem.

Creaky Mondeo - Ian71
Thanks Dave, I will give it a try.

The problem eminates from the depths of the dashboard and may be a big job to remove the instrument pannel to then adjust the wiring/ducts within the dashboard.

How big a job would this be, and would it be worth doing as it may make the problem worse?
Creaky Mondeo - Aprilia
I have removed dashboards on an Audi and BMW - and lots of 'old' cars, but they don't really count because they don't have all the electrics and climate control.

Take it from me that it is a 'big' job. A full day for 2 people - and that's when you have all the tools.
There are lots of screws and clips to lose and plenty of bits of plastic to break.

If you know where the creak is coming from it might be an idea to get some silicone spray lubricant and try spraying it in there.
Creaky Mondeo - Ian71
Thanks Aprilia.

Decided against tackling this myself as I am certain that the problem eminates from either the wiring/ventilation ducts rubbing against the instruments/main dash moulding and would be pushing my abilities to solve this. It looks that I would have to remove big chunks of the dash to get to the problem to apply the spray. Would the spray have an effect on the electrics?

Due to ford failing to resolve the problem (maybe through lack of interest?), is anybody aware of a garage preferably in the south east that would be more willing to look at this problem. I know that my local mechanic that looks after my trouble free 14 year old Polo would not be that interested in this job.

thanks again

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