New Unmarked police car - BobbyG
Spotted a silver Merc C Class unmarked police car on M8 today in Lanarkshire, reg SA02GBY.
Also, there is a silver BMW 3 Series unmarked doing the Edinburgh side of the M8.

Just for your info, not sure if this belongs in the speeding thread?
New Unmarked police car - Honestjohn
This useful information belongs where Backroomers can easily see it. The safety implications are that every driver in the blighted area of Scotland will now have an eye on their mirrors for a silver C Class or 3-Series. Is there any other colour?

New Unmarked police car - PoloGirl
Just playing devils advocate here...but...

Surely the point of an unmarked Police car is that it\'s to catch people doing things wrong, when they don\'t think they\'re being watched - therefore taking dangerous drivers off the road. We\'ve all been guilty of suddenly behaving perfectly as soon as we see a Police car, so maybe the unmarked way is the only way to catch the people that need to be caught. Lets be honest, your average traffic policeman (unless he\'s having a particularly bad day)really isn\'t interested in most of us quite happily doing 80-85 on a wide open road/motorway.

Anything that helps to catch the \'pink fluffy dices\' of this world gets my full support. By telling everyone about the unmarked cars, maybe you are in some way hindering this?
New Unmarked police car - Honestjohn
Thing is, if you slow down whenever you see a silver MB C-Class or a silver 3-Series, you're almost never going to speed. 3-Series now outsell Mondeos in the UK.

New Unmarked police car - RogerL
BMW 3-series may outsell the Ford Mondeo in the UK, but the 3-series are also being scrapped in greater numbers than the Sierra. So the BMW sells well but doesn't last!
New Unmarked police car - googolplex
I think this is today's bizarre statistic. 6 years ago I might have been surprised but, given the number of 3 series on the road today compared with the number of lingering sierras, what you say is hardly surprising. It does not suggest however that BMWs don't last long!

However, we digress! Anyone who knows the make/colour of unmarked police cars in the East Midlands/East Anglia, let me know!
New Unmarked police car - Pugugly {P}
Given the way that local Police budgets are funded these days, (BCU Funding)the preussure form the Home Office on Forces to reduce crime (unfashionable to say this but it is reality) and the increase in auto detection of speed offences, these cars are just as likely or more likely to be so called "crime" cars, fitted with ANPR and a pro-active crime team. Its funny what you pick up in Custody suites especially when you see your custmoers langiashing in the back of unmarked executive cars. (which they haven't nicked - for a change. They are generally bought nearly new and German silver models 'cos hey want some money back at the end of the day
New Unmarked police car - Dude - {P}

""BMW 3-series may outsell the Ford Mondeo in the UK, but the 3-series are also being scrapped in greater numbers than the Sierra. So the BMW sells well but doesn't last! ""

What a ludicrous comment from RogerL, - when one considers the number of 3 series now being sold in the U.K. today, and the rare sighting of a Sierra, is it any wonder that more 3 series are being scrapped?? I would also add that the Beem`s are being scrapped through no fault of the cars durability, but the young buffoons that are driving them and prematurely writing them off !!!!!
New Unmarked police car - LongDriver {P}
Cumbria Police have at least one un-marked silver Skoda Octavia estate. Now that IS scary...

An un-marked Police Honda Accord was involved in an RTA near Brampton in Cumbria on Friday 29th evidently they had one of those as well....

They also have TWO "s************" (sic) vans, which are often parked illegally on footpaths on bridges over the M6. One of these isn't even recognisable as a Police vehicle - it's dark blue and has sign writing with an x-height that can't be read unless you're standing in front of it.

This type of revenue collection must be stopped.

I carry a digital camera in my car everywhere now, just so I can photograph the Scamera vans parked illegally or not in highly visible locations, as the Chief Constable of Cumbria says they are supposed to be.
New Unmarked police car - LongDriver {P}
Why can't I type "s************" ??
New Unmarked police car - Wales Forester
Unmarked cars regularly seen in Flintshire, North Wales include;
X218 CCA Vauxhall Vectra (old shape) saloon in dark solid red.
CX 02 ABN Ford Mondeo LX hatch, dark blue. (crime car, not traffic)

New Unmarked police car - BobbyG
Going back to Pologirls earlier thread, yes I agree they are there to serve a purpose. However, I reckon that the vast majority of backroomers seem to be sensible, law abiding drivers. However, there is not one of us that probably can't say they would be tempted to maybe touch 85 on the M8 in the middle of the night and possibly not have thought twice about overtaking the silver C Class...

There's also something slightly satisfying about knowing that a specific car is an unmarked police car, but the boy racer in the Nova overtaking it without any seatbelts on doesn't...
New Unmarked police car - SR
To Bobby G :

"sensible, law-abiding drivers.....touch 85 on the M8"

Sensible,, no.

Why does it matter what we call the cameras? We all know they're there, and if anyone still manages to get caught then they deserve to be part of the revenue stream. It's fairer than the TRULY law-abiding tax-payer getting hit with the cost.
New Unmarked police car - LongDriver {P}
But if your local Chief Constable insists that the Scamera vans have been brought in to act as a VISUAL DETERRENT, why then, are they parked so that they are NOT VISIBLE ?

Why are they NOT fitted with a full set of retroreflective markings ?

Why are they sign written in such small text that they cannot be read from a passing car ?

Why are they ILLEGALLY parked when used to catch drivers ?

Why are the motorway speed camera warning signs several sizes below that prescribed in the TSRGD ?

Visual Deterrent ? I THINK NOT !

Police Cash Machine? OF COURSE !
New Unmarked police car - SR

If everyone was so concerned about the minute details of what's legal and what isn't, then they wouldn't be speeding in the first place - so there would be no problem and no need for action to address it. None of your complaints about the position of vehicles and the size of warning text would matter in the slightest. Why is it OK for the person breaking the law but not for the one enforcing it?

Why is it some seem to defend to the hilt the right to break the law when it suits them, but the second anyone steps over a "guideline" to stop them it becomes cause for complaint. Why should you be given additional warnings of law enforcement when you're already well aware of the law, and the fact you're breaking it? Do you also think the police should let muggers know what streets they'll be patrolling, or let burglars know where their patrol cars go?

If you're willing to take the risk, then take the penalty if you're caught and stop whining.
New Unmarked police car - Baskerville
>>possibly not have thought twice
about overtaking the silver C Class...


I'd be extremely suspicious of any silver C-class that was not either 1) towing a twin-axle caravan or 2) doing 90mph in lane 3. Overtaking only an option in case 1).
New Unmarked police car - Citroënian {P}
The swear filter blocks it.

And rightly so too.

MINI adventure in progress
New Unmarked police car - LongDriver {P}
Amusingly, what I typed that was blocked by the swear filter was:

S P E E D C A M E R A !!

But I am allowed to type the correct spelling, ie

New Unmarked police car - mal
With regard to the swear filter blocking SPEEDCAMERA would it not be a good idea (unless the swear filter kicks in again)for all of us to rename them revenue cameras (REVENUECAMERAS)
New Unmarked police car - mal
That's not been blocked so how about it?
New Unmarked police car - eMBe {P}
swear filter:

Mark/DD: come on help us out. TESTing: here goes - Is speedcameras the word that was blocked? Is the plularal of speedcamera not acceptable?
New Unmarked police car - Dynamic Dave
The word that is blocked is \"safety camera\". Although Mark, HJ and I can still type it.

HJ considered it a swearword way back in one of the earlier \"Speed camera\" threads.
New Unmarked police car - mab23

Sorry for attempting to circumvent the swearwordometer. :)

Back on-topic, Cleveland Constabluary seem to like unmarked Peugeot 406's. I've seen red and blue ones stopping people.

Top tips (allegedly) for spotting unmarked plod:

* no dealer stickers in windows, no dealer info on number plate
* no private plates
* nothing more than 3 years old
* extra mirrors or aerials
* a raised area on the parcel shelf in the back of saloons, for the police-stop sign to pop up.

Although there may be exceptions?

New Unmarked police car - MonkeyFunk
I totally agree!!!!!

the usuall spots for these scamera vans are on carlisle to whithaven road (various spots),

outside of morton school on the top of wigton road in carlisle,

just as you come off junction 41 heading into carlisle right after the road goes from 60 to 30 past carlton service station(i got a ticket there i was doing 36!!!)

on the A6 between penrith and carlisle

and anywhere on a bridge over the m6 between penrith and tebay!!

all at peak times!!!

its a complete scam!!!!

as far as i can tell there are two of them one is red and the other blue with a yellow strip and blacked out windows

New Unmarked police car - pastyman
Get it right,
People who have a sierra can't afford to replace their car as often as a person who owns a BM, thats why beamers are being replaced more often then sierra's.
New Unmarked police car - P E
I saw an old shape Vauxhall Astra, P reg, in red with massive alloys in Lancashire area about this time last year. It was unmarked but had pulled someone and had left the blue lights flashing in the grill. Would they still be using it? Also, dark blue Volvo S80 in Northumbria area, as well as a V70 in maroon in same area.
New Unmarked police car - bradgate
Leicestershire Constabulary have a green Subaru Impreza turbo (old shape)which is hardly cricket.
New Unmarked police car - Kuang
Yup, with gold alloys - I used to work with the guy's son. I don't think it's actually a pursuit vehicle though, but whatever plod's equivalent of a company car is :)
New Unmarked police car - fitz
Cleveland also have a silver and a white (I know these don't normally come in white) Skoda Octavia vRS.
New Unmarked police car - twinexhaust
Earlier this year saw a blue BMW M5 unmarked police car driving down the hard shoulder one morning on the M4 eastbound between junctions 10 and 8/9. Traffic on the motorway was stopped (as usual) and I spotted the blue flashing lights in the front grill in my nearide mirror. I thought it looked a bit "tasty" as it approached but did'nt guess at M5 until it passed to reveal quad exhausts, name tag etc. Definitely M5 but have not seen it since.
New Unmarked police car - smokie
Some years ago, admittedly, I saw a Sierra Cosworth, old and knackered but with all the "billy boy" body trim, odd Wynnes and other stickers and looking about as unlikely a police car as you could imagine. But it was. Where?

Essex of course...
New Unmarked police car - GS
In the late 70's The Kent traffic police had an unmarked Rover P6 3500 auto complete with AA Atlas and a deerstalker hat on the rear parcel. The car was VASCAR equiped but looked like a typical retired Bank manger's car.

Surrey police used an unmarked beige base spec. 1.6 Maestro on the M25 around 1988/89 and from 1996-2000 used an unmarked Mondeo 1.8 GLX on the A23/A217. Sussex Police also had a batch of VW Vento VR6s.
New Unmarked police car - Richard Turpin
There is currently a silver Merc Coupe with a GB sticker doing the M11. It has a video camera on board.
New Unmarked police car - mal
Some years ago, admittedly, I saw a Sierra Cosworth, old and
knackered but with all the "billy boy" body trim, odd Wynnes
and other stickers and looking about as unlikely a police car
as you could imagine. But it was. Where?
Essex of course...

That would be enticement and then entrapment of course :-).
New Unmarked police car - BobbyG
Wouldn't it be easier if the police went back to what we used to have in Strathclyde - all unmarked traffic cars were either white Senators / Omegas or white Volvo T5s!

Made life so much easier!
New Unmarked police car - terryb
Observed on the M20 in Kent this weekend - a silver Volvo S80

New Unmarked police car - eMBe {P}
SG said >> " ....Why is it some seem to defend to the hilt the right to break the law when it suits them, but the second anyone steps over a "guideline" to stop them it becomes cause for complaint. .... " etc. >>

Glad to see someone else here who shares my point of view. Unfortunately, hypocrites abound in the UK in all walks of life, and motorists are no exception. "Physician heal thyself" is something they never believe in.
New Unmarked police car - GS
M23, midday, 12/9/03 on Smallfield Road bridge just north of Junction 9 - Gatwick - Unmarked white, V-reg, pre-2000 shape Volvo V70 Estate, two operatives and live camera.
New Unmarked police car - Nortones2
SG and eMBe: hear hear. The more unmarked cars the better!
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Chad.R
You won't believe the amount of people that slow down behind me, especially when its quiet. It's rather amusing, here's an example;
Travelling up the deserted A74/M74 around Gretna, I was doing around 75-80mph on CC in the "slow" lane - assorted "repmobiles" probably doing close to a ton closing in on the "fast" lane. They approach to within about 200 yards and then they all slow down and pull in behind and gradually ease up to my tail until they realise I'm not plod in disguise and speed off.

What do I drive? - A Gunmetal grey 3.0l Omega saloon.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - smokie
Yep Chad, my 3.0 MV6 has a similar effect. Also the headlight pattern must be recognisable as people often slow and move over as I approach. Just as well, as I'm often going quicker than they are :-)
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Mudguts
Dark blue or black Skoda Octavia on the M1 in Northamptonshire.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Orson {P}
Couple of dark blue V70s with lots of aerials in S Yorks: as seen on "Car Wars." There's also a new liveried 5 series: didn't see what sort (other side of the road, doing about 90 (him, not me!))

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - SjB {P}
I ride a Honda Hornet motorcyle with an aftermarket half fairing and unusual 'projector' headlamp design.

It looks nothing like a Plod machine. In daylight.

At night, if I stick my fluorescent Sam Browne on, and of course have the head light on, it's different. Cars don't so much move over as leap out of the way!
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - SjB {P}
A colleague in a Mazda 323 V6 seriously hassled a car on the Marlow bypass that refused to go any faster, and just sat in the outside lane.

Flash, flash.
Zoom up behind.
Drop back.
Flash, flash,

After a while, the Police Stop sign popped up in the back window, and something else nearly popped out of the rear end of my colleague.

Thankfully for him, the sign then went back down, and Plain Clothes Plod carried on.

Same colleague got nicked for speeding in Sweden two years ago.
140KPH when the motorway limit is 110 KPH. Having no Kroner, Swedish Plod confiscated his passport, and then asked him to follow them to a cash machine. Yes, they did give an official receipt.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - BobbyG
Spotted a W Reg Black / Dark Blue Saab 9000 / 9.5 on the M9 today, pulled some guy in his Golf. Flashing lights in grill and integrated into car's lights.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - No Do$h
Mrs No Dosh was driving home this evening, outside lane, keeping a safe distance from the plodder in front who was overtaking a truck on the Dual Cringeway at the required 0.75mph speed differential.

Goldf TDi tears up behind her, within feet of rear bumper, and starts weaving back and forth, gesticulating for her to get out the way. No point really, with a sluggardly scenic and a sloth-like scania acting as a mobile roadblock.

Said scenic stays in outside lane after the truck, whilst Mrs ND floors her Laguna, leaving twit in Golf behind, before dropping back into left lane. Mr Impatient gathers himself and roars past, gesticulating at all and sundry before repeating the weaving and tailgating with the scenic.

60 seconds later, an Omega tears past..... and promptly flickers into life as it catches the chump in the Golf. Dorset Police helicopter hoves into view, having shadowed said Uber Driver for a while, it would seem.

Mrs ND was pleased to report that she slowed as she past the somewhat sheepish numpty on the hard shoulder, beeped her horn and gave Monsieur Le Flic a nice big thumbs up. Smiles all round from El Ploddo.

Moral of this story? Cars? Forget trying to spot the unmarked ones. If you are daft enough to speed between Dorchester and Poole, you had better have a sky-view mirror.

For those not familiar with the area, the chopper is based at Winfrith, near Dorchester, but spends most of its time in Bournemouth and Poole. En-route to calls they have nothing better to do than watch for nutters who intimidate other motorists. They don't seem overly bothered with speed, per se, but poor driving REALLY gets their attention.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - maniac5
Never though too much about unmarked police cars, until I was going for lunch with a couple of friends to the Black Bull near those Golf Ball radar things.

A white van half parked on the grass verge. It looked to have one of those extended height roofs, where you have the doors then a kind of another section on top with what could be windows if they weren't made out of metal.

In actual fact, when we were closer we noticed that the top section was a little trapdoor/flap and sticking out were two speed cameras and 200 yds up up the road and around a bend was the police. Not impressed at all. Still in a car with irish plates and license - ticking off and the potential for a fine. (An english licnse works well in ireland too - fine only).
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - henry k
In actual fact, when we were closer we noticed that the
top section was a little trapdoor/flap and sticking out were two
speed cameras and 200 yds up up the road and around
a bend was the police. Not impressed at all.

I am impressed because it was very probably an Auto Number Plate Recognition van. Seen them many times in the Heathrow /A3 area.
There have been other postings on this.
Not specifically after speeders but you are stopped if no MoT or Insurance or Tax is found on the computer databases. Surprise surprise other query items are often come to light once a vehicle is stopped.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Vansboy
Another waste of money!

I'm not convinced of the value of Police helicopters - even air ambulances, I'm not sure are the best way to help accident victims.

If it were this simple, surely the accountants that run our emergency services could work this sum....

£££££££££££££ to operate helicopters = minimum prevention of ANY cime, motoring or otherwise.

£££££ instead, to run MARKED Police vehicles, if you see the car, you don't speed, or go about any illeagal activities, should you be that way inclined.

Therefore, we can either save ££££, or have more mobile officers!!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - smokie
A helicopter can "patrol" a much larger area in the same time with the same manpower, can respond much quicker and more directly, and can also be used more easily for searching or pursuing. But it should be just another tool of the trade, not replacing mobile units.

The Air Ambulance has been discussed before, and IMHO generally carries out an extremely valuable service. IIRC it's cost was only 2 or three times the cost of sending a road ambulance to a call but it gives the patient a much greater chance of recovery.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - pdc {P}
Manchester now has two police helicopters, and they both seem to be constantly hovering over my house, just 1/2 mile from Moss Side ;-)
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Stuartli
Britain is full of unmarked police cars - hopefully the occupants will help to put some of the more manic drivers around off the roads for some time to come.

The simple answer to maximum road safety, dramatic reduction in accidents and less burden on the NHS is for every driver to explicity follow the guidance of the Highway Code....

Unfortunately too many change personalities when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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