Cleaning cars - Alf
Probably should have asked this question before I bought my new motor.

Is it advisable to regularly clean the underside and wheel wells with for example, spray with clean water from garden hose.
Or is it best to just leave them be?


Cleaning cars - Doc
It is always a good idea to keep the underside of your car clean.
Mud and dirt acts like a sponge, retaining moisture which causes corrosion.
Don't over-do though; high power pressure-washers can remove underseal,etc.
Cleaning cars - AlanGowdy
.... and the salt/grit they spread on icy roads in winter makes it especially important to hose down the underneath periodically.
Cleaning cars - Andrew-T
Probably a good idea to keep water out of brake drums too, if you can (I think discs dry out more easily).
Cleaning cars - GrumpyOldGit
A very good idea to hose the underside. Take it for a drive afterwards to dry it off though, and be cautious with the brakes until you're sure they're working fully.
Cleaning cars - alan kearn
Just wondered, if with zinc coated bodywork as a lot of new cars are now, that they would need washing underneath very often.
Cleaning cars - Aprilia
Park it over one of those oscillating garden sprinklers with the tap well open and have a cup of tea. Move it back and forth a bit so the entire underside gets washed.
Cleaning cars - Alf
Thanks very much for your thoughts guys, it makes sense, Aprilias suggestion gets my vote!


Cleaning cars - Ian (Cape Town)
Indeed - and if you're clever, use some planks or sand-ladders ladders, and park on the lawn, you can do the grass as well with the run-off!

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