golf II spacesaver - Drew20
my mk2 driver had a full size steelie as a spare when I bought it so I bought a 2nd hand (unused) mk2 gti spacesaver from the scrappy to flatten out the lump in the boot. I want to check the tyre pressure on the spacesaver but have no idea what the pressure should be.
I assume that, as it is a very different wheel and tyre to the standard 185 65 14 tyres I have on, the pressure will not just be 30psi??

golf II spacesaver - henry k
Ford Focus is 60psi. This seems to be a common pressure requirement for spacesavers.
I also note that quite a few dial type pressure guages only read up to 50 psi - very useful.
golf II spacesaver - sean
60psi and 50 miles limit on use at max velocity of 50mph.

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