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I recently had new rear brake pads on my clk230 and from the start they have made a noise on braking. I have now travelled about 800 miles and the brakes still make a loud squeak, I was told by the MB garage that I should allow 1000 miles for them to bed in and then was told that I was using the brakes too gently! This is a new one on me, but I was told that I should hard brake as this will clear the shine off the discs and stop the noise. Well I have tried this and it has not made any difference at all.

I look forward to taking the car back to MB and let them sort it out at their expense but are they correct??


brake squeak - Aprilia
COuld be a bit of glaze. Ideally the discs should be given a rub over with a fine emery cloth to remove the surface glaze. Also check that anti-squeal shims are in place on the back of the pads.
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Yes, sounds like the anti-squeal shims or adhesive was not put back/replaced/used.
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Ford used to supply new pads with a thin layer of abrasive on the braking surface. After a couple of brake applications it wore off, deglazing the disc in the process. It seemed like a good idea to me. I haven't seen these pads for a while now, anyone know of a good reason why not?
brake squeak - Aprilia
Ford had some severe disc glazing problems on Escorts ( a good many years ago) and these pads were for that specific application.
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They are correct to an extent...rear brakes of todays cars don't do much whilst unladen so bedding in can take some time. Heavy applications of the brake can often help here, so they are not wrong in offering that advice.

To the point, they shouldn't squeal after 800 miles IMO.

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