Clutch wear - 306 diesel - P 2501
this may have come up before,but i was just wondering what kind of milages people are getting out of their 306 diesel clutches in particular.(and i don\'t mean getting heavy due to the cable being routed next to the exhaust). What would a reasonable price be for a clutch replacement on one of these? I have been told £300

Clutch wear - 306 diesel - deere3350
170,000 on my TD306 and still on the original, but I think it's on the way out.

Quoted £250 by a main dealer to get the job done.
Clutch wear - 306 diesel - P 2501
Thanks for the reply, is yours actually slipping or just giving "funny" gear changes?
Clutch wear - 306 diesel - AlanGowdy
My mother-in-law wore out three clutches in 50,000 miles through slipping them excessively on starts and hills (and probably using the pedal as a footrest too). I told her "a clutch is a soft switch not a volume control" all to no avail.
Perhaps I was being too obscure.

Anyway, a clutch should not wear out in less than 100,000 miles if correctly used. I've never had to have one replaced on any of the many cars I've owned over the years, including one I had for 140,000 miles.
Clutch wear - 306 diesel - deere3350
The gear changes are fine. Pedal travel doesn't appear to have changed either.

The clutch tends to judder slightly on moving off first thing in the morning. After a couple of stops and starts it's fine.

Should be ok for another 5000 miles hopefully.
Clutch wear - 306 diesel - DL
Release bearing failures are the main cause of clutch replacements in my experience. 406 HDi is a prime example.

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